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These web sites are all ones that we recommend for anyone who is interested in gaining or deepening their understanding of the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

Three Principles Global Community

3 Principles Global CommunityThe official site for the global community has a lot of information, blogs, videos and a directory of practitioners around the world.

Sydney Banks

Sydney Banks - the "father" of the Three PrinciplesThe late Sydney Banks’ site has been left as it was when he died in 2009. It has some videos and background information on this remarkable man.

Elsie Spittle’s site

Elsie Spittle - 3 Principles for Human DevelopmentElsie Spittle knew Sydney Banks before he had his experience and was the first person to learn about the Principles from him. She lives on Salt Spring Island and offers many services for those wanting to learn more about the Principles.

Three Principles Movies

Three Principles MoviesRudi and Jenny Kennard have done an incredible job in spreading the word about the Principles. They travelled around the world in order to video many practitioners in the Three Principles. This site has a huge resource of free videos on the Principles and a wonderful training section where you can pay to watch excellent training courses from eminent facilitators in the Principles.


TikunTikun is a Jewish organization based in London. They host conferences on the Three Principles that attract hundreds of delegates keen to see the most eminent teachers of the Principles. There is a huge number of videos from previous conferences as well as their own courses.

One Thought

One Thought Institute from Aaron Turner and Mara GleasonAaron Turner and Mara Gleason are well known trainers in the Three Principles and their training institute, based in the UK, offers training for businesses as well as professional training for those who want to share the Principles themselves.

Garret Kramer – sports coach

Garret KramerGarret Kramer shares the Principles in the context of sports coaching. His blog and books are highly recommended.

Center for Sustainable Change

Center for Sustainable ChangeThe Center for Sustainable Change offers training and consulting for a wide variety of people and organizations. They have online courses too.

Three Principles Foundation

Three Principles FoundationThe Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to sharing the Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought as taught by Sydney Banks, and to preserving them in their purest and most powerful form. Their school on Salt Spring Island attracts people from all over the world who want to learn about the Principles.

Pransky & Associates

George and Linda Pransky and associatesGeorge and Linda Pransky were amongst the first to hear the Principles from Sydney Banks. Their consultancy in La Conner, Washington offers training and has a great selection of books, audio and video programs.

Three Principles Institute

Mark HowardMark Howard PhD has a free teleseminar series on the Principles and also offers coaching and counselling.

Elese Coit

Elese CoitElese Coit is an author, trainer and consultant. Her site has a variety of articles that introduce the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

Three Principles Mentoring

Dicken BettingerDicken Bettinger is a licensed psychologist based in La Conner, Washington. He is a former consultant with Pransky & Associates and is a great facilitator in the Principles.

The Principles in Business

David BodmanDavid Bodman and Joe Bailey offer training and consulting for business. Their free resources include interesting articles and a monthly newsletter that is always worth reading.

Innate Wellbeing UK

Innate WellbeingJenny and Rudi Kennard are not only the creators of the threeprinciplesmovies site but are also facilitators in their own right.

The Center for Inside-Out Understanding

Jack PranskyJack Pransky is a well respected facilitator and author in the Three Principles community. His books are available via this site.

Three Principles Nurse

Karen Miller Williams - three principles nurseKaren Miller Williams is a mental health nurse with a long time grounding in the Principles.

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