EuroTrip Day 13: Day 2 of the training is a hit

Day 13, Sunday, May 3, 2015

Wow, the second day of this training/retreat was probably even better than the first day. By the end of the time I felt so close to everyone again; this new group of people and now new friends: Amanda, Holly, Marian, Deborah, Rose, Lawrence, Dierdre, Anne (and Steve who had to leave early), mixed in with the people who were in my other trainings: Richard, the other Amanda, Mark, Sheela, Katja, Murdo, Gillian.
It’s just astounding to me what happens when a group of people all go deeper together in terms of their understanding. There is such a close bond that forms. And we spent much of our time today in the formless; in the Universal. I had never done this kind of thing before, and there was so much power in it. But I’m not sure I can or want to do it again because I felt like I was scrambling much of the time. I’m sure they didn’t notice, judging by their comments by the end of how much it meant to them. I was in such unfamiliar territory.
On the other hand maybe this is the way I will now do business, for all I know. All I know right now is this was extremely gratifying, seeing how it affected people.
This morning started off at 4:50 AM when Lawrence and I had decided to watch the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. Last night Lawrence had found a Sports Bar in Albir that had a sign saying they would have the fight on, but when we got there in the morning they did have the TV on but they wouldn’t let us in. Lawrence told them, “But you had a sign up last night!” Didn’t matter. There were about 12 or so Spanish guys watching the fight. They didn’t even take pity on us when we sat at a table outside in the chilly pre-dawn air and started watching it through the window.
The fight itself did not nearly live up to the hype, and unfortunately Mayweather won. But I still liked the adventure and was happy to have watched it. Being the nonviolent person I am, it never ceases to amaze me why I like such a violent sport as boxing, but I do; when great fighters are going at it against each other (as these boxers are), I just love it! Besides, when the fight ended the sunrise was coming up so we went down to the beach to watch it and it was really beautiful.
Then after the training I got a nice healing chair and foot massage from Amanda in exchange for her attending the training (she also gave a treatment to Sheela and Katja).  By the time I was finished with my treatment most everyone had gone off to eat dinner together down by the beach, so I walked down there to find them. Mostly, I wanted to have an ice cream with Richard before he left in the morning. He might be more of an ice cream freak even than I am. He had such incredible life-changing insights over this week; he may never be the same. I feel like we’ve become good friends.

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EuroTrip Day 6: Words can’t express

Day 6, Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jack Pransky enjoying the sunRight now I am so filled up I can barely stand it. My third Extended Professional Training (EPT) in Spain is now over. It was easily my best one yet. I just spent the last hour being showered by accolades. It would be so easy to let this go to my head, but that would sow the seeds of its own destruction and would fly in the face of what people appreciate about me in the first place. So I can’t let that happen. But I am feel like I’ve finally reached the level in this understanding where I have really been helpful to people, and perhaps, as someone said to me today, that I am helping to change the world. I would add, in a very small way, but it is not small to the people whose lives have changed as a result. I can’t think of any better work. I am the luckiest person on earth to have the privilege and opportunity to be of service in this way.
                An interesting thing happened today in light of the feeling that dropped yesterday afternoon. Here I was, stuck with the list that I had asked for about what people wanted to get from the training before they left. What was I going to do? Let them down? Yet how could I not lose the feeling again by going down the list? Last night came to me. I’ll just tackle it head on; I would bring this dilemma right into the training as a facilitator. That in and of itself changed the dynamic. It led to a discussion with the most beautiful feeling.
And then, after the break, I put them into groups of four to get into the feeling of Universal Mind and what it brings us, and to speak about it from the unknown, not from the intellect, only as people get hit by something new, and that led to an even more beautiful feeling.
And then at lunch I started to have a private session with one of the learners and I had the thought, I would love to be doing this in front of the whole group as a demonstration. She agreed and we did the session and it was very moving for everybody.
Then we ended by going around the circle and having people speak from their hearts about what the six months of training meant to them, and I was so touched and humbled. Words cannot express…

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