European Tour – The solution to All problems

June 3&4, Saturday/Sunday.

Okay, so I skipped a day, but it’s only fitting because this was a two-day training retreat. I admit to going into it with some trepidation because after my other two days, readers will remember I said I was totally exhausted. I also felt like I didn’t have enough to say and hadn’t planned enough what we were going to do. But the night before it started, what to do started to come to me, and I finished up enough planning that first morning to at least get me through mid-day. I wasn’t even sure during it how it was going until the very end of the first day when Naila and another participant could not come back the next day, so before they left I had them share what they got, and it was pretty amazing.

Then Sue and Gillian, the two hosts for the retreat with their organization Frocks and Minds, and I went out to eat with Cherie and another participant who had come a long way and had to stay overnight in the area, and we had a wonderful Indian dinner. The trouble was the other participant somehow managed to drink an entire bottle of wine during dinner and we did not want her to drive. Sue talked with her and tried to get her to give up her keys and said we would drive her, but she insisted she would not leave her car. So we weren’t sure whether we were ever going to see her again, but she arrived chipper and in good spirits the next morning.

The other thing that had happened that night was another horrific terrorist event in London on London Bridge, so I began the next day with silence and said I did not know what was going to come out of my mouth, but I began to talk about it. And the feeling in the room was palpable, and that feeling continued to grow all day, and, wow, the training ended up fabulously. Nearly everyone saw something for themselves.

The training was titled The Solution to All Problems, and as presumptuous as that sounds I distilled the Three Principles down to its crux of the meaning it has for our lives, so we spent the first day on seeing problems through the eyes of “creation of illusion and the second day through “essence and Oneness,” and I couldn’t believe how well it went. It was the simplest training I ever did.

The other really nice thing that happened was Rachel told me she had bought Amy’s and my book, What is a Thought (A Thought is a Lot) for her 9-year-old son, Teddy, read it to him, he loved it, then read it himself about 6 times. Then some kids in school had some kind of altercation with him, and he was really upset about it, and then he stopped and said to Rachel, “That’s just my thinking isn’t it, mummy? Just like the book said.” Rachel told me about it the first day, and that made my day. The way the training ended up made my day the second day.

Rudi also showed up at the training today, I was happy to see. But at lunch time I had to take an nap in Sue’s car, and I woke up in a sauna. I was absolutely dripping and by the time I got out of there Rudi had left because he was looking for me and didn’t know where I was. Then at the very end when we were leaving Teal, who had helped me out with my first European Tour, showed up to say a quick hi. Nice all around.

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European Tour – Sunday’s Seven Words

May 14. Sunday.

I just had the best Three Principles Parenting training experience I ever had. In Carpi, Italy I don’t know where the things came from that came out of my mouth but they sounded great to me. I don’t see how any parent or teacher could have come out of that training not having a better relationship with their kids, Got good feedback too so it wasn’t just in my own thinking. Very happy about it.

Maybe you didn’t know that if people grasped the meaning of these 7 words, the relationship with their kids would be great!
Love, Wisdom, Seeing, Listening, Moods, Learning, Understanding.
I’ll add one for me now: Exhausted.

It was great to see Allesandro and Chiara again, as well as my new friends Simona and Monica and Graziana who did a spectacular job translating.

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Another European Trip – schedule

Jack Pransky embarks on another European Trip, this time taking him to Italy, the U.K., and of course Spain again. He will attempt to write another daily blog of his travels. Catch him along the way…


5/9–leave for Italy from Miami

5/10—land in Bologna

5/10-12—Tuscany (holiday)

5/12 (evening) – book signing and talk, bookstore, Capri

5/13-14—Parenting and Teaching from the Heart, Capri

5/15—one-on-one sessions, Capri

5/16-17—Tourin (holiday)

5/18—Italy book fair, Tourin

5/19—fly to London and Dinner at Shaul’s

5/20-23—3PUK Conference, London

5/24-25—somewhere in the UK (unknown as yet)

5/26 – Cheltenham, Holly Mitchell’s house

5/27 or 28—Soul Talks Meetup: Afternoon Tea with Dr. Jack Pransky: Discovering Your Innate Well-being, Cheltenham


5/30 – possible workshop with Tali Field, London

5/31-6/1 (unknown)

6/2—arrive in Colchester, Sue Pankiewicz’s house

6/3-4– Seminar: The Solution to All Problems, sponsored by Frocks & Minds, Sue Pankiewicz and Gillian Fox

6/5- fly to Alicante, Spain, then ride to Albir

6/6-7-Albir (holiday)

6/8-12-Retreat: Transcending the Personal with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano, sponsored by Sheela Masand and Katja Symons

6/13 –fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then home

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Transcending the Personal – a 5 day retreat in Spain

Transcending the personalTranscending the Personal

A five day retreat in Spain.
8th – 12th June 2017

Only one thing stands in the way of living a mentally and spiritually healthy life filled with peace, love and wisdom: the personal ego and the fear it breeds. It is behind all our problems, difficulties and issues and is usually the most difficult thing we bump up against in our lives. No matter how much we understand the Three Principles it seems to rear its head again and again, and we keep getting tricked. The purpose of this retreat is to explore how to get it out of our way, and to see what happens to us when we are able to transcend it.

However, because consciousness makes the ego and fear look and feel so real, it is not so easy to extract ourselves from the “reality” of it or to see our way through it. This takes deeper exploration. The answer does not lie in trying to change our thinking, or in “figuring out”, or in getting to the root of where it comes from, or in stating the mantra, “There is no ‘I’”; the answer lies in truly transcending it. But what does transcending the personal really mean?  And how can we help it happen, when it does look and feel so real? This is the direction our exploration will take in our first retreat.

For some of us it will be enough to see it more deeply for ourselves. For practitioners who attend we will also explore how transcending the personal impacts the effectiveness of our work with others.

Who is it for?

Anybody who already has some understanding of the Three Principles and would like to gain the benefits listed below.

What are the Benefits of Attending this retreat?

  • gain a deeper understanding of what “the personal” really means and how it and the fear it breeds is the only thing standing in our way of living in a state of peace and love
  • more deeply explore the varying aspects of the personal and how subtly and insidiously it works within us all, even when we understand the Principles
  • gain a deeper understanding of what “transcending” really means, what we are transcending to
  • become better able to deeply listen to what our personal blocks are saying to us and to
  • become better able to help ourselves and others see through the personal blocks standing in our and others’ way, deeply listen to wisdom and see how to transcend them via the spiritual


Booking Now Open via Eventbrite.

Note there is also also an event for those who want to help others Transcend the Personal – suitable for coaches.

Both retreats will be facilitated by Gabriela Maldonado-Montano & Dr Jack Pransky

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European Tour III: Day 9 – Thoughts on how NOT to teach the Principles

Day 9, Tuesday, June 29, 2015

I admit to having disturbed thoughts, stemming from a conversation I had yesterday, hearing about people teaching in the name of the Three Principles yet combining it with other things. If anyone thinks they can combine the Principles with any other practice they simply are not seeing the Principles deeply enough, and it would behoove them to spend their time seeing it more deeply before they teach, instead of teaching before they see it deeply.

I have complete confidence that when people see the Three Principles deeply enough they will no longer feel the need to combine it with anything else; in fact, they will see the futility of it. One cannot teach inside-out and outside-in at the same time and have it do anything but confuse people and give them the wrong idea.

As I’ve said many times before The Three Principles is a description, not a prescription. It’s a description of how our experience of life is always created, no exceptions, and how we are already everything we are looking for. When people see that at a deep enough level, their lives change. That’s what the Three Principles is all about.  If we see it at too shallow a level we think gaining the understanding, in and of itself, is not enough. I suggest people be a little cautious of those teachers trying to combine it, because you will not be exposing yourself to teachers with a deep enough understanding.

Teaching what you’ve not seen for yourself

Another thing my thinking is a little disturbed by is people who try to teach about what another person has seen for themselves. This is difficult to explain.

Suppose someone has Seen Oneness. That person can talk very powerfully about what s/he has seen. It can touch another’s life. Now suppose a person who has been touched by what that other person has seen tries to teach what that first person saw. It will not be heard! It is not their direct experience, even though they have been touched by it. Yet, what will be heard and have impact is that second person’s description of what happened to her/him when s/he heard the first person’s description of Oneness. Get the difference? We can only talk about our direct experience and expect it to have any impact. This and similar issues are what I need to address in my Extended Professional Training in Spain, beginning in October.

Alone on the Ferry

Enough of that, I find myself on a huge ferry—more like a cruise ship—heading over to the island of Naxos. It’s all me alone now. Then I disembarked.

Some of my colleagues who know the Greek Islands tried to talk me out of going to Naxos. I don’t know why. How can anyone not love Naxos? At least I do. By the way, that other island I originally wanted to go to but couldn’t because of logistics is Donoussa, not whatever I posted before. That would have been nice but I’m happy here.

I was looking for a particular type of beach, which Donoussa had, but as luck would have it so does Naxos, within walking distance of where I’m staying—a long walk, but nonetheless. Really nice beach here. One of the ingredients is white sand, because white sand doesn’t burn the feet. So I had both a long walk and a long swim yesterday, and started reading a book about my beloved Boston Red Sox. That’s what I need right now. Frivolous. Just entertain me, so I can totally relax.

However, most people don’t know this about me, but I am actually pretty shy, except when I’m in charge of a training group, so it is not as easy for me as it is for some to meet new people. I know that’s just thought, but it’s a lifelong habit. I don’t like to thrust myself upon others.  And here in Naxos, quite interestingly, I haven’t even heard anyone speak English, except if they’re trying to understand me out of necessity, like checking into the Anita’s Village Hotel in Aria Ana or at the grocery store. Besides Greek, all other tourists here seem to be from non-English speaking countries. Then there are the smokers, of which there are many here, and my tendency is to stay as far away from them as possible. So this could truly be a vacation of solitude—which actually suits me quite fine right now. I’ll only have my higher self as a friend. Good company. Oh yeah, my lower self could show up too. Bad company. We’ll see who prevails.

A great way to put on weightI had to order pastitio again last night, because my first attempt had been so disappointing. This one was fabulous, so, gluttonous as it is, I’m so glad I did it again. It’s a great way to get fat. Then I actually did some writing! I had interviewed Richard on the beach the other day—fabulous interview; his life has changed in so many ways (just by a deep understanding, by the way)—and there is a lot of great stuff in there to write.

Unfortunately my bed isn’t that comfortable and there was a mosquito in my room—no screens on the windows. Drove me nuts. It’s amazing what we can let the outside world do to us sometimes.

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European Trip III: Day 3 Things go swimmingly

Day 3, Wednesday, June 23, 2015

Finikounda beach with boatsToday was a pretty delightful day. I got good sleep, I was so exhausted. Woke up in the morning in the Hotel Estia in the little Greek coastal town of Finikounda. I took a walk down by the shore, and it was the most peaceful thing. When clouds of any kind show up in the sky around here, as they did yesterday, it’s a newsworthy item, so today (and just about every day) the sky was bright blue, and the sea was a gorgeous, deep azure blue. Truly beautiful.

On my walk something actually occurred to me to do in my presentation tonight on healthy relationships, which was great because up until that moment I didn’t have a clue.

Came back, ate a little breakfast and went down to the beach. I forgot both my book and my earplugs, though. That was not too bright because I didn’t want to go swimming without my earplugs, given my possible ear infection, and I had been looking forward to just vegging out and reading. But it turned out to be a blessing in disguise because something actually occurred to me to do for my weekend retreat on Working with People One-on-One effectively from the Inside-Out. I’m not usually this unprepared before sessions but my mind had been too cluttered.

Ate lunch (the very gluttonous pastitsio), found Richard, who had arrived in a daze after driving and getting lost late into the night last night—it’s always great to see him—took a nap, prepared for my presentation, and suddenly it was time for it.

This was primarily for a group of ex-patriots who had settled in Greece, and had had some small exposure to the Principles before, on account of Mick holding meet-up groups where they watched videos.

The presentation went pretty well. I decided anything would be false if I didn’t deal with my own relationship woes up front and head-on, and I told people what I had noticed and observed from it, which had implications for all relationships. That seemed to work because it was certainly real.

People asked a bunch of questions and the discussion was fairly lively. Susanne really surprised me when she volunteered how much her life had completely changed since she had started my Extended Professional Training—her face has even changed; looks so much more relaxed—and Richard was very eloquent about how he came through his fear in the caves in Spain.

By this time it was too late to eat dinner, but I went out with a few people anyway and ended up having a light salad.

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Announcing next Extended Professional Training in Spain

Here is the announcement that Sheela Masand made for my next Extended Professional Training in Albir, Spain.

Do you want to be able to share the Three Principles with others in a comfortable, impactful, graceful way?

Dr Jack Pransky will be teaching a small group of like minded people to do just that beginning in October 2015 over the course of 6 months for the 4th consecutive year.

This is the only course of it’s kind where Jack sets written assignments and offers insightful feedback both in writing and on Skype one to one calls with the participants.

For all the details visit:

There are only 9 spaces left now

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Problem solving from the Inside-Out with Michael Neill

Join Michael Neill live or live-streaming on the 20th and 21st of March alongside Jack Pransky as they take on the practicalities of problem-solving from the inside-out. They’ll also be taking an insightful look into our deeper potential and the amazing capacity for insight which makes change possible for anyone, in any situation and at any time. Details of these events are here.

Problem solvingProblem solving

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Unlocking the Deeper Realms of One-to-One Work in Greece

Finikounda is the location of the seminar with Jack Pransky


I shall be in Greece for a Three Principles training hosted by Mick Tomlinson between 24-26 June, 2015.

The purpose of this seminar and workshop is to vastly improve success with clients, no matter whom you have studied the Three Principles with or what you now know, because if we are not 100% successful with everyone, there is still more to know. This seminar will provide the opportunity for practice and feedback in a relaxed, peaceful and loving, safe atmosphere. We won’t take ourselves too seriously while doing important work. Bring your toughest cases to discuss. Participants will guide the direction of this seminar with the intent to meet each attendee’s needs.

Who is this training for?

  • Professional practitioners/facilitators of the 3 Principles
  • Anyone with an understanding of the 3 Principles who would like to be able to share it one-on-one


24-26 June, 2015

Booking and More Details

Full details of this training course, including booking, are available here

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Seminar – Breaking Free of the Known

Breaking Free of the Known

Breaking free of the known

Beyond our Cutting Edge into Deeper Realms of the Three Principles

Those who understand the Three Principles already know this understanding is at the cutting edge of what the world knows about mental and spiritual health.

However, when it comes to grasping everything there is to know about the Three Principles, everyone is at their own cutting edge of what they know; meaning, no matter how much anyone understands the Principles-

1) everyone is limited by their own blindspots and by bumping into things in life that look real to them and have difficulty seeing through;
2) because the Principles are formless and we are in form, how much we can fully, truly understand them is necessarily limited.

Yet, we are all capable of seeing beyond what we see now, and we are all capable of having faith that vast riches are available to us in the realms we cannot now see. In other words, everyone is on a continuum of levels of consciousness in terms of their own depth of understanding, and everyone can see deeper than they do now.

By “cutting edge of understanding,” here, we mean that invisible, nonexistent line between what we now see/know and what we don’t see yet. How can we let go of the known to see the unknown? This is the point of focus of this seminar, to explore these realms, go deeper together, and have fun while doing it.

On this retreat, participants will

• Identify their own cutting edge of understanding
• Explore seeing beyond this edge into the unknown
• Explore the potential of no limitations within the realm of faith
• Expand what they now “see”


Jack PranskyDr. Jack Pransky is a very experienced coach and trainer of the Three Principles. He has been facilitating this understanding and how to teach it for over 20 years and shares his vast experience with great dedication and passion. Jack has the fantastic ability to describe the Three Principles right to the point emphasizing the simplicity and the depth of their nature. He demonstrates the power that unfolds through deepening ones understanding in relating the Three Principles to everyday life situations. Also in his books he describes this understanding and the way it plays out in life in a clear and practical way for everybody to grasp.


What people are saying …………….

”If you ever wonder if your work, and mission matter, … your work with the Principles has changed a life…mine. Perhaps not in the manner that publishers quote on dust jackets, nor in a way that makes great promotional copy, but…in the truest sense of which I am aware, the difference between flash and substance is defined in what you…share and introduced to my consciousness. A gift…of inestimable and true worth, without drama. Truth is like that when you are blessed enough to see it. So, as inadequate as it seems from this perspective – Thank you, Sir. You make a difference.”
–Steve, Virginia, USA

Group is limited to only 16 participants to ensure as much individual one on one support as possible.


Hotel poolHotel Rober Palas in Albir on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain
A 3 star hotel with pool, gym and stunning roof terrace with views of the sea and mountains.
Located just 5 minute walk from the beautiful beach front and within 2 minutes of shops, cafés and restaurants.
We have negotiated a fabulous rate for our participants – more information upon request

Your beachDates

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd May 2015

2 full days


€497,00 plus 21% VAT as applicable

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL to be paid in full by end of February 2015

ONLY €347,00 plus VAT

Flexible payment terms can be arranged by sending an email to

Some finer details

• Local airport to fly into is Alicante

• Public transport from the airport to resort is available from as little as 7 euros each way. or

• We have negotiated incredibly low rates at the hotel Rober Palas which you can book through us, but you are free to stay anywhere you desire.

• You could combine the trainings with a holiday too. Bring the family, friends (at the same low rate), or just have a few days chill out on your own!

We can’t wait to meet you out here on the Costa Blanca. There is no shortage of hotels and apartments, restaurants, cafés, mountain walks, beaches …………. we will provide you with a list if you need it! Please ask.

Look forward to seeing you in May!

Hasta pronto!

PS If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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