Another European Trip – schedule

Jack Pransky embarks on another European Trip, this time taking him to Italy, the U.K., and of course Spain again. He will attempt to write another daily blog of his travels. Catch him along the way…


5/9–leave for Italy from Miami

5/10—land in Bologna

5/10-12—Tuscany (holiday)

5/12 (evening) – book signing and talk, bookstore, Capri

5/13-14—Parenting and Teaching from the Heart, Capri

5/15—one-on-one sessions, Capri

5/16-17—Tourin (holiday)

5/18—Italy book fair, Tourin

5/19—fly to London and Dinner at Shaul’s

5/20-23—3PUK Conference, London

5/24-25—somewhere in the UK (unknown as yet)

5/26 – Cheltenham, Holly Mitchell’s house

5/27 or 28—Soul Talks Meetup: Afternoon Tea with Dr. Jack Pransky: Discovering Your Innate Well-being, Cheltenham


5/30 – possible workshop with Tali Field, London

5/31-6/1 (unknown)

6/2—arrive in Colchester, Sue Pankiewicz’s house

6/3-4– Seminar: The Solution to All Problems, sponsored by Frocks & Minds, Sue Pankiewicz and Gillian Fox

6/5- fly to Alicante, Spain, then ride to Albir

6/6-7-Albir (holiday)

6/8-12-Retreat: Transcending the Personal with Gabriela Maldonado-Montano, sponsored by Sheela Masand and Katja Symons

6/13 –fly to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, then home

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European Tour Day 54: Huddersfield

Day 54, April 22.

Oh my goodness, my dates are off again. I’m back on track now. After another night of very little sleep, the first one being about a little wine (when will I ever learn?) and the Red Sox, the second probably being about a cream-filled Easter egg too close to bedtime, I’m beginning to feel exhausted again. Not good.

Jacqueline took me to the train station and Victoria Green from my Spain training picked me up and brought me to her Village of Shelley in Huddersfield.

First it was raining hard so we went to a nice gallery, and when the rain let up we went for a nice 1 ½ hour walk (at least) through the fields and wood.

Got to do a laundry. Then went out to dinner with Victoria’s nice family. When we got back I had to get to bed right away.

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European Tour Day 53: Birmingham and another special moment

Day 53, April 20.

Last night I learned that baseball season had started again in the U.S. I love baseball. So since I’m not there for the opening of Boston Red Sox (my team) season I decided to watch a 30-30 movie about the year 2004, the year the Red Sox came from being down 3-0 to come back and beat the New York Yankees in the championship series 4-3. Before that, they always found a way to lose. After that, I knew anything was possible! I absolutely loved re-living that!

Denise and her daughter dropped me off at the train station, where I met Teal, who had arranged all my train travel and my Senior Rail Pass for the UK (entitling me to a 30% discount on UK train travel). What an incredible gift that was for me in exchange for a coaching session. It was great being with Teal.

Then I was off to Birmingham, where Jacqueline Bennett picked me up and brought me to the beautiful village of Mosely to meet with Janet Lindsay (and later Jaqueline’s fiancée, Rob) for an informal discussion that was so wonderful, so full of laughs, and so deep that it almost felt too good to be true. It was another of those incredibly special moments I have had on this trip.

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European Tour Day 52: An insight about reality

Day 52, April 20.

boom an insightLast night before I went to sleep I had the urge to revisit my childhood. This was inspired by my telling Nuno about a very old Disney cartoon I remembered from my childhood about the origins of music from the cavemen, where all musical instruments started from a Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom. So Nuno looked it up on YouTube and actually found it! I hadn’t seen it for probably 57 years. It only lasts about 10 minutes, and if you ignore the garbage at the beginning and end, once they start showing those four cavemen and how those four sounds turned into all musical instruments, I can see why I remembered it all these years. So clever!

Anyway, that made me wonder whether I could find my favorite TV show from my early childhood: Cecil and Beany (the puppets, not the later cartoon). I found it! Good ol’ YouTube. I couldn’t believe I actually loved this show as a 6-year old. All I can say is, things have changed in 61 years. I actually still liked Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent—he was cool—but I couldn’t relate to Beany anymore (although I always remembered his helicopter hat and actually had one when I was a little kid).


I’ve had some interesting insights over the past few days. It started when preparing for my session in Portugal, when I came up with the point, “Thought is reality; reality is thought.” I saw this in a deeper way than ever before.

I realized that once we get a particular reality into our heads, we begin to see everything through it, and we sometimes even go searching for things to fit into that reality, and no one can talk us out of it because it is true, absolute reality to us.

Sometimes we bump into other people’s realities like that—this is why people take each other to court, for example—and there really isn’t anything we can do to talk them out of it. They are the ones who will either see it from a higher level of consciousness, or they won’t. And until then, we could drive ourselves crazy thinking about how to counteract their reality, but if there is nothing we can do about it, do we really want to do that to ourselves?

All I did today was take an hour walk in the rain. I have been so blessed with the weather on this trip, I couldn’t complain. Spent the rest of the day trying to finish getting the logistics together for my last 2 weeks in the UK, which is a lot of detail work!

Then I joined Denise and her nice family for their Easter dinner. Denise has been so nice to me, and knows some people who may be able to get my book translated into Chinese.

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European Tour Day 50: Lisbon

Day 50, April 18.

I just realized that in my blog my day number has been off since I crashed into that blue column. I have been on the road across the seas for 50 straight days!

Today Nuno drove me three hours to Lisbon and three hours back. His wife and daughter were there anyway, visiting her parents.

At first I didn’t like Lisbon so much, but Nuno assured me that by the end of the day I would, and he was absolutely right.

Most of the city was rebuilt in the late 1700s after a massive earthquake had destroyed most of it, but the old city up by the castle remained in tact, and that was spectacular. I loved it.

Lisbon is home to the widest river I have ever seen (I haven’t yet seen the Amazon) and probably the longest bridge over a river in the world.

On the ride we got a structure together for his Ph.D. dissertation, teaching music to students using the three principles.

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European Tour Day 47: Feeling the energy in Portugal

Day 47, April 17.

A very low-key day around Nuno’s home town of Famalicao. I spent a lot of the morning trying to arrange logistics for my UK visit, which isn’t easy.

Luckily, Teal, whom I had met at Space for Connection, wanted a session with me, so I’m trading with her to figure out all my train connections from place to place and make reservations, where she can.

Much to my great chagrin my EuRail Pass is no good in the UK, so every trip is a new expense, and I am going to many different places. Teal has a company called “Wild Events” in the UK, so logistics is right up her alley.

The real Portugal

Then I experienced the real Portugal. I went for a walk from Nuno’s house, into the very peaceful Famalicao countryside and on my way back proceeded to get lost.

I was wise enough to have Nuno write down his address and phone number before I left, but I was determined to find my way back on my own.

When I realized I was lost I saw two women walking up the road who didn’t speak English, and I pointed to the street address, and they had no idea where the street was. I knew I was close but, uh oh, maybe I was further away than I thought. So they motioned to me to follow them and they brought me to a little country store where they apparently told the storekeeper, who looked the street up but couldn’t find it (probably because it is in a fairly new development). So then he grabbed my paper, took his phone and called Nuno, and told me (by gestures) to wait there.

While I was waiting in the store, those two women had joined up with a few more and a newborn baby that they were apparently there to celebrate, and I had a great time feeling their energy, watching their gestures and listening to their very foreign (to me) language.

Then Nuno drove up to bail me out. Turns out I wasn’t too far away at all; I just forgot to take one turn. I enjoyed every moment of it.

The workshop

Then it was on to do my workshop. Small group of seven. Half were musicians. This was apparently the first-ever 3P [Three Principles] session in Portugal. So good start.

Nuno felt bad that there weren’t more there, but I didn’t. Those who were there seemed to get a lot out of it.

Then a bunch of us went out to dinner together, Ana who owned the place we did it in and husband and daughter, another Ana (one of Nuno’s students), Phillipe an educator who is always smiling, and Nuno. Really good people.

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European Tour Day 46: Peace in Portugal

Day 46, April 16.

Today Nuno (pronounced nu-nu) drove me to the gorgeous little city of Guimraes. Its castle from around the 1100s and the palace of the Dukes (if that’s what it’s called) would have been good enough, but the beautiful, old, preserved narrow streets and the entire atmosphere was truly wonderful. I loved it!

Then we went to Apulia to eat some freshly caught fish and took a nice walk on the beach and along a nice walkway to a point where river meets ocean.

Portugal has apparently spent a lot of money on its highway system, and now the country is in bad shape financially, unfortunately, because this is a beautiful country.

Nuno is trying to put together a Ph.D. dissertation combining music and the 3Ps, so we did a lot of talking about that.

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European Tour Day 45: Arriving in Portugal

Day 45, April 15.

Last night I missed Passover for the first time in probably 50 years, maybe longer. I usually lead the service for my family, and this year I won’t even be giving up bread for the eight days of it. Too much trouble on the road. I hope God isn’t punishing me.

Sheela picked me up and drove me to the bus station where I caught a bus to Valencia, then another to the Valencia airport (the first bus was supposed to take me there but I had to switch), where I caught the plane to Porto, Portugal.

Nuno Arais, a self-taught 3P person (by books and videos) and a musician, picked me up from the airport and drove me into that incredible city on the coast. I’ve not seen any city like it. I loved it; it took me right out of myself.

PortoPorto is famous for its wine coming down the river, so that meant even I had to have a glass, and it was good, too!  And there I was looking out over the Atlantic Ocean, looking across the sea to where I’m going to be landing back home in about 3 weeks. Amazing.

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European Tour Day 37: Resting on the wall after hitting it

Day 37, April 5.

Didn’t get much sleep last night. Room wasn’t the greatest. Unpleasant odor. But it was better than being on the streets, so I’m not complaining.

I got up early and walked past many people who did sleep on the streets to catch the 7:00 train to Valencia. There I had about 40 minutes before I had to catch the train to Xeraco at another train station 15 minutes away, so I quickly checked to see if I could book a train reservation from Madrid to Porto, Portugal for later in the trip, and found, to my shock, that there were no seats left, nor for any alternative days anywhere close. Bummer! Not sure what to do because I’m running out of money earned after having to pay through the nose to leave Catania.

When I arrived in Xeraco (which I had to be totally alert for because this train announced no stops and gave people very little time to get on an off and my big bag was in a rack over someone else’s head) Amanda had said she might be late so I lay down on top of a wall with my head on my backpack and I suddenly felt more peace than I had felt on my entire trip. I had been running, running, giving, giving, then sick, sick and now it was like, Whewwwwwwwwwwwww.  It was so gorgeous out and I just lay baking in the sun.

Amanda arrived with her friend, Sarah, almost an hour later—car trouble—to drive me to her house in the gorgeous town of Javea. I could live here.

She had to run—she is always running—to run a dream catcher-making workshop, so I just cooled my heels for the rest of the day, took a very relaxing hot bath, started reading Elsie Spittle’s book, Beyond Imagination and loving the feeling of it. Did a laundry—the day was exactly what I needed.

I took Amanda out to dinner that night for total appreciation (especially because I was here two days earlier than planned), and sitting at an outside table looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, first in the sunlight, then dusk, then sunset, then the lights in the dark, with a Stan Getz-type saxophone player playing beautiful, mellow, soft jazz in the background, great conversation—it was an absolutely gorgeous evening.

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European Tour Day 31: Skiing, healing and the lost camera

Day 31, March 30.

Today would have been the best non-training day I’ve had on this trip had I not lost my camera. Okay, so this great day cost me $450—a little on the expensive side, but almost worth it—but the pictures I lost unfortunately can’t be replaced and now I don’t have my camera for the place I wanted it most: Italy.

Why did I lose it?

Not being careful enough. I brought it with me skiing, and when I went to get it out of my pocket to take a picture, it was gone. My coat pocket zipper was unzipped. We tried to retrace our steps but by that time it was long gone. We checked with the ski resort but nothing had been turned in. Anthony left them a way to get in touch with him if some kind soul turned it in, but I’m not holding my breath. It’s really too bad, but life and my trip go on.

jack skiing in switzerlandWhat made this day so great was, first, because we went skiing again, and I discovered what Anthony taught me yesterday really paid off. So Anthony, Kay and I got there when the lifts opened, and we covered three mountains/ski areas that are all connected together, Nyon, Morzine, and Les Gets, and it was the best skiing I’ve ever done in the most beautiful mountains I’ve ever skied in. Plus, great company. We all had such a wonderful feeling.

Then to cap it off I got a healing from Sylvie, the attractive and wonderful energy healer par excellence, which felt like one of the best healings I’ve ever had. This woman really knows what she is doing.

I was going to trade her for a coaching session but apparently I was in too bad a shape, so she only did me. She said my energy was totally depleted from giving, giving, giving on this trip and running myself right into the ground.  And I felt that to my weary bones. My friend, Kate, had told me that what I was trying to do was too much, but I pooh-poohed it. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.

Unfortunately, the healing had to be cut short—Sylvie wasn’t finished—but we had to get Tammy to the train in Geneva. In retrospect, I think I got affected by Sylvie not being able to finish, because I have felt weird ever since. I don’t know whether I’m coming down with what Tammy had, or whether it was the unfinished healing, or what, but we said good-bye to the very lovely Kay, and Anthony drove us to Geneva where Tammy got on the train.

Anthony, who was such a great host, took me to the house of Willy and Megan, where I stayed the night. These were two clients of George and Linda Pransky’s from the early ‘90s who had kept up their contact ever since.

I took a hot tub with Willy, then we all had a good time reminiscing about the early days, and they were wonderful to me.

Megan, a psychologist, is about to become involved with an amazing project. She has connected up with a well-respected brain scientist who does brain scans, and they want to test out different psychotherapies to see if they affect what is going on in the brain, including the three principles.

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