EuroTrip Day 7: Go tell it on the mountain

Day 7, Monday, April 27, 2015

Jack Pransky's European TourHad a really delightful day today on the first day of the work/trek. We climbed a beautiful mountain north of Altea with a mixture of new people and a few of the EPTers.
Yoga Mark organized the trip. He had asked each of us to tell him our favorite song, and he surprised us by putting together a CD of all of them, which he played on the drive to the mountain. So that was a great start.
It was a moderate-hard hike but my legs were definitely feeling it by the time we got back. On the top it had a cave-tunnel that we had to climb through on all fours to get to the other side of the mountain. Gorgeous views on both sides.
I had told people before we left that I wanted this to evolve organically, so if anyone wanted to talk about the Three Principles, they could just walk up to me during the trek and ask me anything, and I would leave that totally up to them. That happened a few times.
At lunch on the mountain I was asked about the story of how I met Syd, so with a little trepidation I told my story of my encounter with Syd Banks in 1993 that changed my life. (This story will be in my next book.) At the end of the day I got leg massage, which saved me.
At dinnertime, I had to say goodbye to a lot of the EPT people who were leaving early the next morning, which was a very warm, fulfilling feeling. I’m going to miss them all very much.

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