Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia February 11, 2018

I’m not sure why I write these TripBlogs. Maybe it’s for Marty Lipsky and the two other people who read them and enjoy them. Maybe it’s for when I’m in my late 90s and can’t travel anymore and want to reminisce. Maybe it’s because my webmaster wanted me to. Maybe I just like to write. Probably other reasons. But for some strange reason I feel compelled, since I began the tradition with my big European Tour of 2014. It’s amazing how much has changed in the Three Principles world since then.

Sunday, February 11, 2018.

I had planned to leave on this long journey to Australia from Richmond, Virginia, because I was living in Charlottesville in a relationship with a most wonderful woman. But life threw a curveball and I found myself back in Boca Raton, Florida. The problem was my plane still left from Richmond. I figured it would cost me a couple hundred to change the ticket to leave from Florida. Turned out to be over $1000! Okay, couldn’t do that. Didn’t want to drive the two days to get back there. So I had to get another (sort of) round-trip ticket through Philadelphia to Richmond, before I could even start my journey. My first dilemma came in deciding how I would get to the Fort Lauderdale airport. I didn’t want to leave my car at the airport or the train station for a month, I couldn’t get a ride with a friend or neighbor, taxis and limos were too expensive, so I thought I’d try Lyft. I had used Uber a couple of years ago, but I’ve heard bad things about the company. So I downloaded the Lyft app (technology is always a challenge for me but this was reasonably easy) and had to trust that some Lyft driver would be near my vicinity at 4:30 AM and actually show up! Sure enough, the Lyft driver came right on time. Nice guy, too. Through our conversation, I think I made a book sale out of it. The only two issues were his cologne was overpowering and he dropped me off at Terminal 1 when I apparently needed to be dropped at Terminal 3. So I walked it; luckily the FLL airport is not that big, and I figured I could use the walk because I’ll be sitting on a plane for days. TSA Prescreening was great with my Global Entry Pass. That was certainly money worth spending, especially upon return to the USA. And so my new journey begins.

I had been wanting to get back to Australia ever since doing a training in Perth, Western Australia almost 20 years ago, pretty early in my Three Principles career. I really liked it there. So on this trip, besides going back to Perth, I’m heading into new territory for me: Melbourne and Sydney, Eastern Australia. That’s why I say, “Join the Three Principles, See The World.” I am very lucky.

This time, though, I am leaving with a feeling of emptiness in my heart. Those who read Seduced by Consciousness know relationships have been a big blind spot for me, in that I tend to forget all about the Three Principles in that important aspect of my life. And this last one has been both wonderful and a tremendous growth experience, but now I feel the need to seek a deeper connection to and relationship with Universal Mind/Spirit/God. As I head to Australia I am pointing myself in that direction, I am in prayer, I know I need to get into a meditative state, I seek what I AM so I really know there is no seeking. There is only realizing. I know I need to turn more away from form and turn toward the light. I am afraid. Form is what I know. But so what if I’m afraid?

Speaking of form, coming into Philly the weather was pretty bad, and at one point we hit a big air pocket that made the plane take such a fast dip that a number of people’s books and other assorted items flew right out of their hands. Whoa! Suddenly my heart felt like it was beating right up in my mouth. But I’m ready to die if I need to. I’ve had a pretty long, great, fulfilling life. I don’t fear death. I do fear pain, though (future thinking, of course!). In the Philadelphia airport, which is big, I landed in Terminal B and had to get to Terminal F for my flight out of Richmond to Dallas. I decided to pass on the shuttle and took the long walk again, my heavy backpack the only drawback. On the plane out of Philly, we sat on the runway for an extra hour to wait for thunderstorms to pass.

That delay caused me to barely make my Dallas flight. Because my plane tickets were booked separately, I had to get my bag and go through customs again, then check my bag in again. These TSA agents completely ignored that I had a Global Entry Pass and must have thought I was a potential terrorist. They took me into a back room and did a lot more than pat me down. I’m pretty sure they discovered I am a boy, not a girl, and that I had nothing hidden in any crevices. I hope they had fun.

Then in Dallas I had to go through customs once again because of the international flight, and it was on to Sydney.

Monday, February 12. What happened to this day? I lost it somewhere. That’s what happens when you fly from the States to Australia; you lose a day. I think I lost it somewhere in the middle of the night. I sat in an outside seat in the middle of the plane, there were two empty seats next to me, then another guy on the other end. I got all excited that I had some room. But trying to curl up across just two seats isn’t very comfortable. Then I felt feet touching my head, as he tried to do the same. So I got up and went to the bathroom, and when I came back he was sound asleep across the three seats! The nerve! I hardly got a wink of sleep on thus hugely long flight. The next morning I saw that his t-shirt read: “I run the world.” His attitude suddenly made sense. It was a Nike shirt.

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Saturday, January 14 & 15, 2018

Sunday, January 14. Day three of the training, and it turned out to be a fairly difficult one. I haven’t had a difficult training day for a few years, so this took me by surprise. At least among some of the trainees, the feeling dropped twice today. I think it’s because I haven’t really had a mixed group in a long time where a good portion of the trainees were complete beginners with the Principles, while others had a pretty good understanding, and because of the title of the training retreat I started going in a more advanced direction and the beginners got lost. Tomorrow I’ve got to pick up the pieces. It’s not that it was bad; it’s just that it didn’t go great, and I’m used to it going great. I’ve got to create a good day tomorrow.  At least this afternoon was very special. We took the open-ended truck taxi to an ancient volcano crater that had filled with the saltiest of water. We took a dip and it was impossible to sink, much like the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake. We heard about the healing properties of the salt water there, especially the mud, so Karen, who is a local in our group, and Charlie and I strolled around until we could locate some wet black mud, of which there was extremely little, and spread it over our almost entire bodies. Before spreading the mud we also found some soft wet salt that we also spread upon us. I then walked to the back of the crater, where it was very beautiful, and took some pictures of Dany (I found out that’s really how he spells it) in his favorite place to meditate. I didn’t disturb him. I must’ve looked quite the sight coming up from the mud bath because everyone laughed at me. I took an outdoor shower before leaving there, but had to leave my bathing suit on because the woman who had to turn on the water with a wrench just stood there while I was taking the shower. It was also fairly cold water. They charge for that shower, too!  My skin is very soft right now. By the time we got back I didn’t even have time to get to my hotel before we had to start the session, and my planning notes were in my hotel with my warm clothes. I thought the evening session started off well, but then it seemed to fizzle. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, January 15. Last day of training retreat. Well, I must say, we had an excellent recovery. I began the day differently than I would normally, with a combination check-in about what they’ve gotten out of the training for themselves so far and what would they like to cover today before we leave. I was astounded that this instruction essentially turned into a closing circle, with the feeling extremely high, except we weren’t closing. It definitely recovered the feeling from the day before. For the rest of the day the group wanted to explore the ego and how it gave the illusion of taking us away from our true essence, so that is what we did. Then we took the afternoon off again, so Damian, Donna and I headed for the beach. The wind blew a lot harder today, sometimes sand-blasting us on the beach; I actually put in my earplugs so the sand wouldn’t blow into my ears. The water was rougher, the waves bigger, so I didn’t attempt a swim. But I did go to the part of the beach best for body-surfing and took in a bunch of waves. Some were a bit scary. I caught a big one just as it broke that literally spun me around in a somersault—just about pushed my limit; okay, maybe I’d had enough. But it was really fun. Then we found some shelter behind a boat and I lay on the beach in the warm sun reading, which is one of my favorite activities. Then we went back to close out the training and ended on a high note. Turned out to be a really good training, judging by what everyone said. It was Charlie’s birthday so we all went out to celebrate at an Italian restaurant. I had checked out of my hotel in the morning so I’d brought my bags to Dany’s place, as my plane was departing at 1:45 AM! Dany had a cab waiting at his place at 11 PM to take me to the airport, but the dinner took so long and I wasn’t paying attention to the time, and all of a sudden it realized it was 10 minutes to 11. Luckily, Karen had her car (being local) and drove me back to Dany’s. Having never heard about the Three Principles before, Karen really caught something big, and I think she has natural talent. Howard graciously accompanied me to the airport. And now the Principles have been introduced to the Cape Verde Islands. Great trip. Sal Island really grew on me, especially with my first thoughts of, “What kind of a place is this?!” It definitely took some getting used to. It certainly has a relaxed charm to it that gets under your skin. It’s motto is “No stress.” I get it. But now the plane ride back home begins… Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with my daily tripblog postings because the internet connection was so bad and I could only get on line sometimes.

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Saturday, January 13, 2018

Saturday, January 13. Day two of the training. Last night, walking back to the Aparthotel of Santa Maria Beach where I’m staying, I had no idea of where to go with the group. Something came to me that sounded good. But by the time I got back there in the morning, it had changed. I almost always start my groups off the next day by asking for any insights, comments or questions from the day and night before, which most of the time is my favorite part of the training, and this one was very nice. Just as our break finished, I had changed my mind again about where to go with the group. Planning without being attached to the plan; this keep me completely present with the moment and it can change on a dime. And it must have come from wisdom because this second deep listening activity we did on creation of illusion went very well. We were served the typical Cape Verdean meal for lunch. Then we went into retreat mode, took the afternoon off, went to the beach, and met again at 5:00 PM. This is a really nice beach. It is why tourists come to this island. When I get to a white sand beach like this, first I have to run on it, then I have to swim in  it if it’s not too rough, and this was almost perfect swimming. So I swam for about 10 minutes, before I got bowled over by a wave because I swam too close to shore. That made me want to go body surfing, which I did for another fifteen minutes. In this particular place, where the beach curves just right, the waves were breaking perfectly. So I had a great time taking in some waves and getting some great waves. Some of the waves were deceptively powerful. Then I swam back another 10 minutes to where Damian and Donna were sunbathing, which is the other thing I have to do when I get to a beach like this. Great afternoon. Then we met back at the training from 5 to 7. This is definitely the way to run a training retreat. It really helps people because it relaxes their minds. This group is really starting to feel close and get a beautiful feeling together. As Syd Banks always said, “The answer lies in the feeling.”

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Friday, January 12, 2018

Photo by Helen James

Friday, January 12. Day one of the training begins. Especially from talking with people on the hike the day before, I assumed that most people had had a lot the Three Pinciples experience, and I had planned accordingly. But going around the room with introductions in our opening circle, I discovered this was not the case at all. Most people were new or considered themselves beginners, with a couple of exceptions. I had to make some quick on the spot adjustments to my plans. We are supposed to be delving deeply into consciousness, but instead we had to cover the basics of the 3P’s first, plus I wanted them to have an experience of deep listening. But it seemed the first day of training went over very well, and I got a lot of positive feedback. People were happy just to relax and be in presence together. That night we all went out to dinner, sitting outside at one of their open-air restaurants on the beach, and I left the group to take a nap, as we were supposed to meet again later at the Calema Pub, where the disappearing mystery woman whom I had met on the plane, was allegedly playing at 8:00. I fell totally asleep and woke up at 8:10, so in a groggy daze I zoomed over to meet the rest of the group, who were sitting outside at a long table. I almost ran right by them, but I heard them yell my name. The music had not started yet. We checked and they said she would now be starting at 10:00 PM instead. Okay, we had some drinks, and I had a wonderful conversation with Miriam from our group. When 10:00 rolled around, the woman performer still had not shown, so I went into the pub and asked again. They said she had a migraine and would try to call her again. I decided she really still didn’t exist, so I left the group and went back home to sleep. As I was getting ready for bed, I got a call from Damian saying that she had come in at 10:30 and had started to sing, if I wanted to come back over. I found out the next day that most people really liked her; that she was very different, kind of ad-libbing in at least three different languages. But by this time I felt like just going to sleep. My goodness, she exists after all (not for me yet, though.)

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Thursday, January 11, 2018

Thursday, January 11. Part 1. We landed in Praia, Santiago Island, Cape Verde early, about 1:00 in the morning. I had found out after I left that I would need to get a visa—now they tell me!—and that I could do that when I got off the plane at the airport but if I wasn’t close to the front of the line it could take me 45 minutes to get through. I was smack dab in the middle of the plane. As I stood in the line a while waiting to get off, somebody told me to turn around. The other half of passengers had gotten out a back door. So I was nearly the last one off the plane. But I walked fast to get into the visa line about in the middle of the pack. Then, all the people behind me went to a new agent who had opened a new line, so suddenly I was at the end again. Took me an hour or more to get out of there.

Then the fun really began. Damian had told me the hotel was a stone’s throw from the airport and I would need to take a taxi but it was only a couple of streets over. I walked out of the airport into sketchy land. A dude came up to me very friendly and asked if I needed a taxi. I said yes, told him where I was going, that it was just a couple of streets away. He couldn’t speak any English but we finally figured out he was saying it would cost three euros. I said okay. As were walking down the sketchy street, it suddenly occurred to me that I have no idea whether he’s a taxicab driver or not. What do I know? I have no instructions except the address of the hotel and “take a taxi.” Suddenly another guy appears, unhappy with the first guy. Neither of them speak any English; probably they were speaking Criolo, the native tongue of Cape Verde. They also speak Portuguese, but that doesn’t help me. Anyway, the first guy finally manages to communicate that the second guy won’t let me go with him because there is a taxicab queue and it is proper to take the first taxi. So I find myself in another guy’s taxi, whom I hadn’t explained what I had told to the first guy, and we are driving, driving, driving and I’m starting to get nervous. If this is a stone’s throw from the airport the guy must have a throwing arm 100,000 times greater than George Washington. Finally, we arrive. He charges me €10. The guy from the hotel comes out. He speaks no English either, but I think he said that €10 is what it costs. So I don’t know whether I was taken or whether I was saved, but now it was time to try to communicate with the guy at the hotel and I have never in my life had a more difficult communication experience. We could hardly find more than three words we could both understand. He takes me to my room, and it’s kind of a hole, but at this point at about 2:30 AM beggars can’t be choosers. And, I have to get up at 4:00 AM to catch my plane at the airport again, my final leg to Sal Islsand. I had gotten a new alarm clock, and I hadn’t used it yet, and I was praying it would get me up in time. Unfortunately, I was wired by the time I went to sleep, so if I was lucky I got in one hour.

Never have I been more both happy and miserable to hear the alarm ring. I felt in a total fog. When I went to check out the hotel the same guy was there, but he went and got reinforcements because he was confused, and unfortunately the reinforcement didn’t speak any English either and was just as confused. I assumed Damian had paid for the hotel but I didn’t really know, and they were insisting. And the currency they use here is really scary if you don’t know what the exchange rate is. So my bill came out to be $5526, which I had to put that on my credit card. Scary moment. Found out later that equals around $55 US. Phew. They also put a new charge on my bill for a taxi to the airport, and I was just glad one showed up. He didn’t speak English either. Luckily at check-in people did speak some English.

One funny thing happened. A striking woman walked into the airport with two guitars. I could tell she had just rushed into the airport, wiping sweat off her brow. I was struck by her energy and the fact that she was a musician, as my son is a professional musician. For some reason I had a feeling I would talk with her. Then it seemed like she got into a different queue for a different plane, and I thought, okay, so much for that. So I get on the plane, and this woman walks in as the last passenger and sits right next to me. Weird or what? Anyway, we had a great conversation. She and her husband are natives of the island of Santiago here, she is in fact a musician, plays a combination of bossa nova, jazz and blues, and she was playing at a club on Sal Island. I thought maybe we could check it out. She gave me the name of the club, asked me what I did, and then she wanted to come to my training. I told her it was fine with me but I would have to ask Damian. I told her to come to find me and Damian after she got her bags and guitars all set so I could tell her where the place was and if she could come. I went talk to Damian for a few minutes, waiting for her. Then she disappeared. Everybody had to come out the same door. She had to walk right by us. But she was gone. I went back in to look for her. Gone. The thought occurred to me that in my stupor I may have made her up.

Thursday, January 11. Part II.

Damian met me and he and his taxi driver took me to my hotel. Not the greatest room in the world, but acceptable. As soon as Damian left to go back to his place, I found out there was no Internet. Unacceptable! That was one of my requirements, as I must have email at my disposal because it’s the lifeblood of my work. I was supposed to take a much needed nap, and Damian was supposed to pick me up in a few hours. So I never got the name of the place he was staying. I picked up my phone to text him. No phone connection—not even good enough to send a text. I didn’t know where he was, I couldn’t get in touch with him or anybody else, I needed to send a few emails out and I couldn’t, and I was stranded. At that point I was not a happy camper. But, oh well…, it was a sign that I needed to get some sleep. I woke up three hours later to a ding on my phone. While I was asleep the phone service had suddenly kicked in, and Damian just got my message and got back to me. He came over and we tried by various means to get me an Internet connection. We thought we had something, but it was to no avail.

I’m seeing something about my thinking during adventures like this when things just don’t work out like they are supposed to. First my thinking gets very grumbly as it all tries to sort itself out, but then when even the worst happens (not that the very worst ever did, knock on wood, I just resign myself and say, “Oh well…” And not just on adventures like this. I think this is my habit.


Thursday, January 11, Part III.

After a much needed three-hour nap, Damian and I walked down to meet the other attendees who had come in. This group and this place just kind of fell into Damian’s lap. He has an uncanny ability to just have faith that things are going to work out, and generally they do. So, while logistics is not his strong suit, making things come together in a way that works, is. Not only is this a really nice group of very sharp people, but his local contact through this process, Dani, proved to be a very special person. He took us on a hike to and up a very small mountain on the coast so we could be on top in time for the sunset. Most of us drove in the back of an open-ended pickup truck, and I only had worn a T-shirt and it was cold.

I talked with Dani as we walked along, learning much about the sometimes sordid history of Cape Verse. When the Portuguese found this set of islands in about the 1400s, they were uninhabited. Then they became the major slave trading port, the most convenient stopover point between Africa and America. Also in the 1800s they discovered this island‘s vast salt resources, so Portuguese and others moved in to gather the salt (hence the name, Sal Island) and mixed with the slaves and their descendants, and Cape Verde because most racially intermixed country in the world. It only gained its independence 42 years ago, so it is still a very fledgling, with all the difficulties of a newly developing Third World country. Many Senegalese and people from other African countries have since moved in. Unlike the other Cape Verdean islands, Sal Island is mostly very flat island with a few little mountains, but what it does have is more sun than any of the other Cape Verde islands, perhaps more sun than anywhere else in the world except for a desert, and really nice beaches (with great surfing), which is why people come here. Almost the entire industry is based on tourism. Yet many of the native residents who serve the tourists seem rather annoyed with us, but Dani says I have that wrong. The feeling I get, from such a limited experience so far, is that this entire set of islands could use one big Native American cleansing ceremony. I may have that wrong, too.

On this hike, much of the land seem to combination of sand and lava rock, some of it very unstable. It wasn’t that easy to walk, but Dani did the entire thing in flip-flops. He said he wouldn’t hike any other way. At one point about in the middle of our hour-long walk to get to the mountain, I stepped up onto a mini-cliff of unstable part of ground, which broke under my weight, and I bit the dust. Fell pretty hard. I landed on my hands and my right knee, trying to protect my camera. People were concerned about me as I came up bleeding a bit and bruised, but I was fine and kept walking. Once up on the mountain the views overlooking the ocean were really nice. Great little trek, very nice afternoon with really nice people. Then we had dinner together and I left everyone to get to sleep. The training starts tomorrow.

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wednesday, January 10. We landed in Ponta Del Gata in the Azores, in what seemed like the middle of the night, then had to get off the plane, go through customs, then get back on the plane to fly to Lisbon, Portugal, where I had to go through customs once again. During my 13 hour layover in Lisbon I was trying to decide whether I would have enough time to get into the city, but I was so tired by this time that it didn’t even seem very appealing, especially since I’d been there on my European tour. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it anyway because I needed to straighten out a lot of logistical things, some with Damian, some with Jamal. Among them, we’d had to cancel my original hotel in Praia, Cape Verde when I was supposed to be there the night before and we’d missed the deadline for cancellation. But Damian managed to get the hotel to just bump it up one night. Between that and more flight nonsense, that ate up almost 4 hours, and after I ate lunch I was doubly exhausted. The best I could do was walk out of the airport with my backpack and stroll around the airport outside. I tried to find a place to take a nap, but all their bed-like things were occupied. By this time I had used up all my reserves, so I had no choice but to lay on the hard floor and try to catch a nap, which I did for about an hour. My aching old bones! I’m getting too old for this kind of thing. Reminds me of when I was a teenager and in my 20s. Got on the plane about 9:30 PM. Four hours to Praia, on probably the most cramped plane I’ve been on yet and the seats would not even recline—and this was a new plane! That is cruel and unusual punishment. No sleep again.

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Monday, January 8, 2018

The problems began almost immediately when the night before I began to feel a bad cold or virus coming on. I did not feel good at all. People in the family picked it up in California and brought it back, and now just before leaving on my trip, I got it. Bad timing!  That morning I heard my first flight might be cancelled due to inclement weather in Newark, New Jersey. A few hours later it was in fact cancelled. Jamal’s day off! But they have an emergency number. But the emergency number connect me to his office, where a nice man tried to help me through the mess, and it wasn’t easy, finally finding a way to put on another flight leaving 2 ½ hours away in Washington DC. I had to drive there, and didn’t have much time to spare. It was sprinkling rain, and now it was getting heavier. It had been freezing cold in Virginia and I saw ice form on the corner of the windshield. Being from Vermont I knew this was a sign of freezing rain. Sure enough, all the cars on the road began to slow down, including me, and I knew I was not going to make it to my connecting flight in DC. Even though I was almost half-way there, wisdom told me to turn around. I again called the travel agent. He worked really hard again to try to set me up with something else, but it would have to be tomorrow and would cost more money.

Luckily, for such a complicated trip, I had the foresight to get flight insurance. With an insurance claim we only would have to pay a little over $100 more out of pocket, but that was by continuing to use the return flight the way it was originally.

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Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog January 2018

I’m not sure why I write these things, but a few people seem to be interested for some strange reason, so I do. In this one I’m moving beyond Europe. Damian Smythe asked me if I wanted to do a follow-up on my latest book, Seduced by Consciousness, and in the Cape Verde Islands. Not only had I never been to the Cape Verde islands, I didn’t even know where they were. I looked them up on a map. Off the coast of Africa. I’m going! Damian had originally asked me if I wanted to do a webinar course on the book, and we did and it seemed to go well. So now we’re delving deeper into the mysteries of consciousness, which is what the retreat is about.

The trip started off with the wonders of a travel agent. It seemed too complex for my limited mind to get from Charlottesville, Virginia to Sal Island, Cape Verde—it looked like an even worse itinerary from hell than my last European trip. It said it would take me three days to get there! I had to leave two days early just to be able to make it for some exploration and holiday before working. So I broke down and got myself a travel agent. I will never go on a long trip without one again. I highly recommend Jamal Shah at Flight Center. And it’s a good thing I used him. Not because they could get me there any sooner—it still will take me three days—but he arranged to get me there for less money, and he took excellent care of me before it and along the way.


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Jack Pransky’s Autumn European Trip – November 4

November 4, Saturday

The first day of the Viva event. I had thought I was peopled-out, but when I got over to Viva, it was wonderful to see everyone. I had Mick take my box of books over to the other hotel and I walked there this morning. Jan helped me sell them, very kindly. When I got there, the first thing I was asked was if I would be willing to take Peter Anderson’s place to facilitate a breakout group with Amanda O’Shea on well-being, because Peter was sick. Since Amanda asked me, I agreed and it turned out to be a good experience. I also really liked Elsie Spittle’s talk that morning. Both Elsie and I said how much we were looking forward to being on the same stage presenting together at the end of the Viva event, because we have never done that before. I then attended Jenny and Sue’s breakout on insights, which was very nice. For the afternoon break, Amanda asked me if I would be willing to have lunch with some people associated with the addictions rehab place she works at because they read my books. I am so impressed at what Amanda has been able to accomplish over there almost single-handedly. I enjoyed that luncheon too. But I did need to go back and take a nap before the session started again. After Rani Bora and Jenny’s session on mental health, then I did another breakout group on the health of the helper with Katja. Very few people attended but we had a nice, small little circle, and the time just flew by. Then Frederick accompanied a singer on guitar, and then played fiddle for the group, which was really nice. Then I met Rudy to plan for tomorrow’s presentation on Our True Essence. It was a busy but good day.

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November 4
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Jack Pransky’s Autumn European Tour – November 3

November 3, Friday.

Gabriela and I took the long walk to Altea. We had a really good and enlightening conversation, up in a little garden overlooking the sea with a view all the way to the Albir lighthouse and Benidorm. Up in Altea, we had brunch in the beautiful courtyard in front of the church, then went into the church, which is one of the most beautiful little churches I know. Then we did some shopping and more talking and walked back to Albir. Gabriela gave me shopping lessons. It was a great and very productive time. When I got back, I had a long and really nice Skype call with Nicole. Then I wheeled my clothes in my suitcase over to a distant hotel to do a laundry. I got there a little too late to have my clothes dry thoroughly, so I had to take them out of the dryer still damp, because it was time to get to the Viva presenters meeting—except that I wanted to get my bag of damp laundry hung out in my room before I went over there. But on my way I bumped into Lili walking in the other direction and she checked and found out the presenters meeting had just started. So I turned around with my suitcase full of damp clothes and walked with Lili over to the meeting at the other hotel. If I hadn’t bumped into her I may have missed it. As it is, I walked into the meeting late. But it was nice to see my fellow presenters, including Elsie and Rudy. Mick drove my bag of clothes and me back to the hotel Rober Palas, just in time for a late dinner.

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November 3
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