Seminar – Breaking Free of the Known

Breaking Free of the Known

Breaking free of the known

Beyond our Cutting Edge into Deeper Realms of the Three Principles

Those who understand the Three Principles already know this understanding is at the cutting edge of what the world knows about mental and spiritual health.

However, when it comes to grasping everything there is to know about the Three Principles, everyone is at their own cutting edge of what they know; meaning, no matter how much anyone understands the Principles-

1) everyone is limited by their own blindspots and by bumping into things in life that look real to them and have difficulty seeing through;
2) because the Principles are formless and we are in form, how much we can fully, truly understand them is necessarily limited.

Yet, we are all capable of seeing beyond what we see now, and we are all capable of having faith that vast riches are available to us in the realms we cannot now see. In other words, everyone is on a continuum of levels of consciousness in terms of their own depth of understanding, and everyone can see deeper than they do now.

By “cutting edge of understanding,” here, we mean that invisible, nonexistent line between what we now see/know and what we don’t see yet. How can we let go of the known to see the unknown? This is the point of focus of this seminar, to explore these realms, go deeper together, and have fun while doing it.

On this retreat, participants will

• Identify their own cutting edge of understanding
• Explore seeing beyond this edge into the unknown
• Explore the potential of no limitations within the realm of faith
• Expand what they now “see”


Jack PranskyDr. Jack Pransky is a very experienced coach and trainer of the Three Principles. He has been facilitating this understanding and how to teach it for over 20 years and shares his vast experience with great dedication and passion. Jack has the fantastic ability to describe the Three Principles right to the point emphasizing the simplicity and the depth of their nature. He demonstrates the power that unfolds through deepening ones understanding in relating the Three Principles to everyday life situations. Also in his books he describes this understanding and the way it plays out in life in a clear and practical way for everybody to grasp.


What people are saying …………….

”If you ever wonder if your work, and mission matter, … your work with the Principles has changed a life…mine. Perhaps not in the manner that publishers quote on dust jackets, nor in a way that makes great promotional copy, but…in the truest sense of which I am aware, the difference between flash and substance is defined in what you…share and introduced to my consciousness. A gift…of inestimable and true worth, without drama. Truth is like that when you are blessed enough to see it. So, as inadequate as it seems from this perspective – Thank you, Sir. You make a difference.”
–Steve, Virginia, USA

Group is limited to only 16 participants to ensure as much individual one on one support as possible.


Hotel poolHotel Rober Palas in Albir on the beautiful Costa Blanca in Spain
A 3 star hotel with pool, gym and stunning roof terrace with views of the sea and mountains.
Located just 5 minute walk from the beautiful beach front and within 2 minutes of shops, cafés and restaurants.
We have negotiated a fabulous rate for our participants – more information upon request

Your beachDates

Saturday 2nd – Sunday 3rd May 2015

2 full days


€497,00 plus 21% VAT as applicable

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL to be paid in full by end of February 2015

ONLY €347,00 plus VAT

Flexible payment terms can be arranged by sending an email to

Some finer details

• Local airport to fly into is Alicante

• Public transport from the airport to resort is available from as little as 7 euros each way. or

• We have negotiated incredibly low rates at the hotel Rober Palas which you can book through us, but you are free to stay anywhere you desire.

• You could combine the trainings with a holiday too. Bring the family, friends (at the same low rate), or just have a few days chill out on your own!

We can’t wait to meet you out here on the Costa Blanca. There is no shortage of hotels and apartments, restaurants, cafés, mountain walks, beaches …………. we will provide you with a list if you need it! Please ask.

Look forward to seeing you in May!

Hasta pronto!

PS If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at

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From Me to You

As a change of pace this week, I thought the following correspondence from me to a client and friend (an athlete with a keen grasp of the inside-out paradigm) might be of interest. I hope you find it helpful.


Here’s something to consider today bud:

Trying to fix, cope, or strategize in a quest to clear your mind and perform better (as if you could ever do such a thing) serves no true purpose. Why? Because as years go by and you reflect back on your life, odds are you won’t remember the trophies, money, or status of any kind. What you’ll savor is how much you loved and were loved; whether or not you did your part to make things better; the examples of resilience that you set. Everyone has different biological talents and, therefore, different ways to express these universal byproducts of clarity. It’s just that the more you make love, giving back, and staying in the game the priority—regardless of outcomes—the more simple and productive your life will become now.

If that makes some sense, look inside and live it. Today and forever. G

How to conquer fear. A Fly On The Wall Coaching Session with Rasmus Carlsson

Conquering a fear of failure This week we get to be a fly on the wall to a coaching session between transformative coach Rasmus Carlsson and his new client Anne around how to conquer her fear of failure. These three principles coaching sessions have proved to be hugely helpful both for the client and also listeners […]

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Love Them Unconditionally

Elsie-photo-1As I was listening to Jenny I heard that she fell in love with her true self. You know, as she uncovered her inner being, she fell in love with who she really is from the inside out, and so the outer self-image ceased to matter so much. And I certainly felt that myself, you know, as I began to discover who and what I really am on the inside, to uncover my birthright. That I’m beautiful from the inside-out, no matter what and that all humanity is beautiful from the inside out, and that the answer is love. Unconditional love.

And so I wouldn’t talk to the child or youngster about their fear or any of their concerns about their self-image. I would draw out the love. I would draw out their natural mental health by loving them unconditionally.

And I’ll give you a couple of examples that came to mind as Jenny was talking. One is within my own family: After I had that first insight and I started to change, myself, I started to see my family with different eyes just naturally. Not that I did anything different or that I desired to see my family change. It just evolved; it unfolded in a very natural way. So again to link to what Jenny said earlier, there’s nothing that I did deliberately. You know, change just happened naturally and so I just naturally viewed my family differently.

However there were times when my old patterns of thought would come into play, for example when my children’s rooms were messy or they hadn’t done their homework and I’d get their report card and the marks were poor so the old thinking would come back up again and I would talk to them and probably… not probably, I would talk to them in a more confrontational manner about what they should do, that they need to bring their marks up, they need to keep their room tidy, and so on and so forth. And it didn’t work. It was the same old same old. So I’d get wrought up about this and I remember, and this is going back years, I remember talking to Barb Banks, Syd’s wife at the time and who passed away in 1986 or 87, I think it was.  And I was sharing my woe about the kids and how I wasn’t able to reach them and change their behavior. And she said to me, and I’ll never forget this, she said, “Elsie, just love them. Instead of focusing on your children’s behavior, just love them for who they are on the inside. Love them unconditionally.”

And I said, “Barb, how can I do that when there’s garbage underneath my daughter’s bed and in-between the mattress and everything… how can I love her unconditionally?”

And she said, “I can’t tell you how but I know if you do so, that will bring about the change you’re looking for.”

So this I did set out to do deliberately and I took my daughter out for lunch. But in the course of taking her out for lunch and just spending time with her and giving her my undivided attention, I slipped into my innate health. It was no longer a deliberate to-do thing to try to get her behavior to change. It was coming from unconditional love naturally. I slipped into it and I use that word meaningfully to show the naturalness of how our innate mental health just comes into play. And during the course of lunch, it came to me to take her out shopping because she’d been wanting a desk for her room, just something simple, and I had poopoo-ed it and didn’t pay attention to it, but it came to me from that place of mental health, that “Why not? Let her choose it.” Rather than what I had been thinking with my old patterns of thought. And we had the most wonderful afternoon. She selected what she wanted.

Long story short, that brought about change in her. The unconditional love that we shared together in that afternoon brought about a shift in both of our level of Consciousness, level of understanding. I don’t know that I could have articulated it at that time to say that it was a shift in my level of understanding and in my daughter’s level of understanding. What I can say, is I was aware, I became aware that after that, she was different. She was responding to love.

Elsie Spittle


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Lori Carpenos LMFT, Marriage and Family Therapist and author of “The Secret of Love: Understand the Mystery, Unleash the Magic” was trained by Sydney Banks, and other teachers who trained with Mr. Banks.

Laurel Patt BSRT, Retired Director of Radiology of Middlesex Hospital, also trained by lead 3 Principles teachers

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Experts: It’s Time to Wake Up

Consider the implications of this black-and-white statement: All violent acts, harmful decisions, and disastrous mistakes originate from this dual misunderstanding:

  1. What a person feels on the inside is coming from a circumstance on the outside.
  2. If a person feels bad, he or she can strategically address the circumstance or alter the environment believed to be the source of this feeling, and then feel better.

War, bullying, domestic violence, depression, divorce, OCD, post-traumatic stress, addiction, and slumps on the athletic field are all symptoms of this dual misunderstanding. There’s an “outside-in epidemic” happening in our world today. And until those experts who people turn to for advice stop fueling this epidemic or misunderstanding, things are not going to improve.

In short, standard coping or performance strategies (such as mindfulness, positive thinking, talking out problems, routines, visualization, and taking a person back to the past) are not working. They’re based on the false assumptions that human beings feel something other than the ebb and flow of thought (e.g., a circumstance), and that we have the power to deliberately change the way we feel. Neither is true.

What’s true is an “inside-out” paradigm: We feel our thinking. Our thinking is not controllable. A lot of thought in a person’s head and life looks bleak. A little thought and the same life looks wonderful. Plus, when life looks bleak—if we don’t buy into 1 and 2 above—our perspective will naturally shift as answers become obvious. That’s right, although the arenas of self-improvement, psychology, religion, coaching, and parenting have overlooked this fundamental truth for years; human beings are blessed with an intuitive ability to self-correct.

So experts: Isn’t it time to wake up and realize that pointing your clients outside, and then having them cope, chill, or fix requires thought and thought has their wheels spinning in mud? Isn’t it time to appreciate that our world is a mess because an outside-in paradigm is tragically flawed and a new direction is a must? Isn’t it time to understand that while they might seem drastically different, bullying, drug use, and the practice of mindful meditation are all outside-in behaviors built on the mistruth that people can deliberately fix the way they feel? If only for a brief second, I’m asking you to consider a totally different path: turn your attention inward toward the freeing benefit of the psychological immune system (or intuitive ability to self-correct) that every human being possesses.

Why is this my request? Again, your tried-and-untrue approach is not helping; it’s making matters worse. Rather, simply start here: If you and your clients are looking in, it’s impossible to look out—and blame the world for your feelings. If you’re not blaming the world, you can’t hurt the world (or yourself) either.

Theory Versus Truth

I received some out-of-the-ordinary responses to last week’s article, Some were complimentary; some quite critical. For example, a few readers told me that they searched for information about Sydney Banks and learned a thing or two about a super-wise human being. Others thought I took an unnecessary shot at Ted Talks. It’s the latter group that I want to address here.

Ted Talks aren’t good or bad. My colleague Michael Neill gave an insightful Ted X presentation not long ago. What I disagree with is the overabundance of theory (concepts and practices, too) that is propagated by so-called experts at events like Ted Talks. Why? Because a theory is someone’s personal opinion. And personal opinions cannot improve the condition of our world—or endure. Only truth can do this.

It’s also common for these experts to use data or statistics to back their theories or opinions. We often hear: “A recent study shows that so and so happens at an accuracy rate of 87.5 percent.” Truth, on the other hand, is 100 percent accurate. When uncovering truth (such as gravity—if I drop a hockey puck, it will always fall), data is superfluous, practically absurd. Like trying to prove gravity, we don’t need a study to affirm that the earth is round, germs cause illness, or that all human beings are created equal.

We also don’t need a study to prove how human beings work psychologically. Sigmund Freud tried. He presented several analyses to confirm that taking people back to their past could improve their current state of mind. Was his theory foolproof? Of course not. No theory is. By contrast, Syd Banks uncovered the simple truth that (no matter the past) when a person’s mind is cluttered, he or she feels bad; when the same person’s mind is clear, he or she feels good. I’ve never met a person who disagrees with this.

The fact is, like everyone, I have plenty of theories of my own. I live my life based on personal beliefs. These beliefs, however, are not what my work is about or what I teach. Imparting personal opinions into the thought system of another person contaminates free will and instincts. That’s why theories account for 0 percent of the world’s essential advancements and 100 percent of the world’s transgressions.

I do appreciate the viewpoints of those who disagreed with last week’s article—and perhaps this one, too. It’s just that the escalation of suffering and atrocities in our world shows that a new direction is sorely necessary. We need less motivation and more leadership. Fewer methods, strategies, techniques, and excuses and more Copernicus, Newton, King, and Banks. Less individualism and more of what brings us together. In short, we need less hype and more of the only thing that can stand the test of time—Truth.