The Three Principles: Our Shared Humanity

The first time I heard Sydney Banks talk about the Three Principles nearly 26 years ago I was impacted. I began having insights that over the years have given me a quality of life that I had never imagined possible. I feel so blessed to have come across such a simple way to understand my life.  I am so grateful that it allowed me to develop deeply loving relationships with my wife and two children.  I can’t believe the career I have traveling the country to share with others this amazing gift.  And it is still mind-boggling that there is no end to learning how we all operate. As I sit here I am aware of the fact that whatever I think, I feel and experience.  This is true now in this moment, it has always been true, and will always be true.  And yet there have been, and continue to be, so many moments when I don’t realize this, and it seems like my feeling is caused by something or someone in the physical world. Yesterday as I was driving to town a car was tailgating me. I got really annoyed with this driver.  I was sure that his inconsiderate and unsafe driving was making me annoyed.  Every thought I had about this driver seemed to be true.  And I seemed to be justified in feeling the way I was because of how he was driving.  Seeing the Principles is a slippery thing for all of us.  Sometimes we see feeling as thought and sometimes we don’t.  It’s easy for all of us to lose sight of the fact that it is always and only our thinking that is creating what we feel.  The Three Principles are not three really good ideas.  The Three Principles of Thought, Consciousness, and Mind create from the inside-out each moment of our thinking-feeling connection.   Mind is the ultimate source that is creating all of life.  Thought is creating our constant flow of thinking.  Consciousness is what brings our thinking alive and allows us to have a sensory experience of life.  The Principles are always operating in us.  At moments we realize this and at moments we don’t.  And that is ok.  It keeps us all humble about this.  It puts us all on the same playing field, new-comer and old-timer alike.  This is simply our humanity.

Welcome to Three Principles Mentoring

Would you like to learn something that is simple, and yet, will help you understand the way every person's moment-to-moment feeling and experience is created?  And I do mean every single person on this planet.  Because how our experience is created is the same for everyone.  My hope is that as you reflect at this site your own understanding of how humans truly operate will deepen.  I will share with you my understanding of:

  • The Three Principles that are the foundation of the creation of all human experience.
  • Why understanding the true source of our feelings naturally reveals the present moment to us.
  • How this understanding creates a life of greater ease with our ever changing experiences.
  • How readily available to us is sensible and inspired thought to guide us in life.
  • Why it is that as our understanding of the Principles deepens we have richer and more meaningful relationships with others.

What is a Three Principle Mentor?  A Three Principle Mentor is someone who is a trusted guide to gently point you toward discovering for yourself the keys to how all human beings operate.

I look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

I have been studying the principles and I can’t help feeling like I don’t get it. When will I get it and what if I don’t?

Question: I have been studying the principles and I can’t help feeling like I don’t get it. When will I get it and what if I don’t? Answer: Believe it or not, I have had moments of feeling like I … Continue reading