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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia Monday February 19

Monday, February 19. Got picked up by Tony at 8:30 AM, and he took me into Perth and up to Kings Park, a beautiful park overlooking the city. All after walking around there for a while, including over a nice bridge that goes halfway up into the trees, we headed for the beach. First, I relished lying in the sun for a while. Then we played a beach paddle ball game, which Tony called Beach Bat or something like that, but the paddle was much thicker and the ball the size of a tennis ball. Then I took a nice swim in the Indian Ocean, or a bay off it. It was really nice of Tony to take me around and I really appreciate it. Nice morning. After Tony dropped me back at my apartment, I walked back over to the food court and had some Malaysian noodles. Then I walked back into the Swan River park for a while in the other direction, then back at my apartment where I watched more Winter Olympics, then back to the food court to have some Indian food for dinner (which was the only disappointing food I had at this court). Then it was back to my apartment to pack up. Hard to believe I’m leaving Perth tomorrow. I really like it here.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia Sunday February 18

Sunday, February 18. The second training day went well, judging by what participants said in the closing circle. That is always very gratifying. But the strangest thing happened to me in the middle of the day. The morning started well, with people sharing from the heart, then we took a break, then did a deep listening activity. As we were processing the deep listening activity back in the full group, I felt the feeling in the room drop—very unusual because in my experience most deep listening activities elevate the feeling level. Then we broke for lunch, and on my way walking back to my apartment during lunch, I had the strangest thought. Suddenly I did not feel like teaching the Three Principles anymore. Something felt stale, off-kilter, within me. It felt like I was ready to retire. But I had to dig deep and rally because the show must go on. The afternoon session picked up considerably and the feeling rose once again. So how I feel now? I’m not really sure. But during this trip I have two more trainings to pull off, so we’ll see how I feel then. It really took me by surprise, though. I was supposed to meet Terri for dinner but I had to beg off because I was much too exhausted and I didn’t feel like talking with anyone after the day. So I walked over to the food court to get dinner and discovered I was too late. The mall here closes at 5:00 PM, which is unheard of in the U.S. and Europe, so I stopped in one of the two restaurants open on the outskirts of the mall, brought a chicken wrap back to my apartment and ate watching the Olympics. When that ended I watched what to me was a very disturbing documentary about Spring Break and the way college kids have sex and expect it these days, and where there is so much peer pressure to do it. It is very unlike the free love movement in the hippie days; there is no love here at all.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia Saturday February 17

The workshop begins.

The focus of this workshop is “Going Deep into the Essence of the Three Principles.” This will help each attendee gain a deeper understanding and enter that space of deeper truth that lies within each of us.

See: https://www.facebook.com/events/126173291396617

Saturday, February 17. Back to work. I think we had a pretty nice training day today, but what do I know? You’d have to ask the participants. Like in Cape Verde some of the 20 people attending had a lot of Three Principles experience, and others had none, which is a little bit of a challenge. It meant I had to go into an explanation of what the Three Principles are all about, which is my least favorite thing to do these days, but it was fine. By the end of the day a real nice feeling it had been established, and I know that’s when the best learning takes place. The training venue is close enough to my apartment so I was able to walk back there during lunch, but then I was a little late getting back so I had to rush and run a little, and I got all sweaty. I tried not to be too embarrassed about that. That evening, I got together with John and Ronnie Wood. John was the first person to bring me to Australia, where he had established the Philosophy of Living Center in Midland to what at that time was called Psychology of Mind. John was also the first person to catalog all of the Three Principles materials that existed at that time. He also got permission from Syd Banks to put out his full set of audiotapes. John performed a great service for the Three Principles community until they had a falling out a few years later. It is John’s beautiful poem that appears in the front of my newest book, Seduced by Consciousness. And Ronnie had edited one of my books. It was great to reminisce with John and Ronnie, after not seeing them for about 17 years. We had a great time together, and they also kindly took me out to dinner where I was introduced to a gourmet fish called barramundi. It was delicious, capped off with Vanilla Bean Brule. Very nice day.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia Friday February 16


Friday, February 16. A very lovely day. When last I was in Perth—we were trying to figure out when it was; maybe 17 or so years ago—I made a friend named Georgina. She and I had kept in touch sporadically over the years. Today we got together for the first time since then, and it was really nice. She took me to one of her favorite places: Lane Pool Reserve near Dwellingup, about an hour and a half from Perth.  A beautiful river running through a beautiful forest, opening up to places that looked like swimmable lakes. I was able to take a long swim. We also were able to walk to a waterfall that roared very powerfully right through the rocks; one place looked like a big natural spa pool. Real nice conversations. I was so happy to see how far Georgina has come over the years, thanks largely to the Three Principles. My visit here so many years ago was her first exposure to them. Georgina got me back to my apartment by 5:00 PM, which gave me time to rest and prepare for the training tomorrow. This was my best day yet here. I also was able to watch more Winter Olympics in the evening. Very beautiful sunset, too.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia Thursday February 15

Thursday, February 15. Yesterday when I was with Jen, I asked her if she knew anything about the massage place that I keep passing on the way to the mall. She didn’t, but she offered that Joanne, who had picked me up from the airport, was a part time massage therapist, and she would ask her if she would be willing to give me one. So this morning I had a wonderful massage from Joanne. And it was long, probably an hour and 45 minutes! Way above and beyond the call of duty. Plus, she didn’t charge me. That was amazing, since my back has been hurting from the plane ride. I decided to give her the Modello book in exchange. Instead of driving me back to my apartment, I had Joanne drop me off about 3 km from home at the park along the river so I could take a nice walk. Joanne pointed out the direction I needed to walk. So I walked down there, found the path and started walking, but instead of taking me in the right direction it circled me around to the beginning of the park again. Now I had no idea where I was. Luckily, there was a ranger station there, and they were very helpful in giving me the right directions to get back home. It had started to get really hot. By this time, it was lunchtime, so I stopped at the mall at the food court and this time had some Mexican food—also good. Then I made my way back to the apartment. I thought today was going to be a day for an excursion, but no one was available, and I decided that was fine with me. I had some work I needed to get done, I felt good just chilling out more, and watched some more Winter Olympics, which was great. Then I looked up at the clock and noticed I had 15 minutes to get to a movie back at the mall. I had wanted to see The Shape of Water. Strange movie, but very well done. I had an insight that when one has a love in his or her life, it is a very special thing not to be taken lightly, because so many people don’t. I can be content within myself, but to have a love to share one’s life with is very hard to beat. I came home and had leftovers from the Italian restaurant, made arrangements to get together with others for the rest of my time here, did a little planning for my upcoming training, watched some more Olympics, and walked outside to see the night sky. It is a little unnerving to look up at the sky and not see the Big Dipper; instead there is the Southern Cross and all the other constellations look very different. But I’ll be darned if I didn’t see Orion. It’s pretty unmistakable to me. But it didn’t make any sense. So as soon as I got back home I looked it up on the Internet and found that this is the only time of year that Orion can be seen in this hemisphere. Not an overly exciting day, but I was very happy to just chill again. Tomorrow I go on my biggest excursion in Western Australia with my old friend, Georgina, whom I met here about 20 years ago, which was the last time I did a training here. We’re going off somewhere into the wilderness, and I am really looking forward to it. And the day after that, I’ve got to go to work.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia February 13 & 14, 2018

Tuesday, February 13. Landed in Sydney much worse for wear. So exhausted! Had to buy an Australian adaptor plug at the airport to plug in my electronics, which is different from the UK, most of Europe and Italy (which is different still). Then the last leg of my extremely long journey. Another four hours on to Perth, Western Australia. I couldn’t help sleeping for an hour, thank goodness. Last night in the wee hours when I couldn’t sleep I saw the documentary on Amy Winehouse. What a waste of talent; what a waste of a life! If she had only known the Three Principles, maybe she’d still be alive and singing today. Anyway, I staggered out of the plane, where Joanne graciously picked me up. It feels so weird to have so little sleep, as if there is a fog over everything. So I was barely functioning and probably not a great conversationalist. But I was determined to stay up until it was time to go to bed in WA time, which was tough, but that’s how I’ve learned to beat jet lag—wake up in the morning and then you’re on schedule again, but meanehile it’s a struggle that first day. Joanne took me to my place, an Airbnb where the Asian fellow who runs it showed us the ins and outs of the place. This is the neatest and most meticulous man I’ve ever met. There is nothing out of place in this apartment—all the utensils are lined up in the drawers in perfect rows. He wants the place kept immaculate. I can’t possibly live up to his expectations, but I love clean places. Then Joanne took me to do a little shopping for the week. After she dropped me off I took a long walk through a very nice park that starts just a few blocks from my place. I loved that. Everything is different in Australia: trees, “the bush,” plants, animals, birds, snakes. Snakes– very poisonous ones–are no joke in Australia; there are signs everywhere to not pet the snakes (okay, it doesn’t exactly say that, but you get the idea). Virtually nothing looks like the USA or Europe. For lunch I walked to a mall (the mall is one thing that’s pretty much the same) which is not too far away that has the best food court I have ever seen in a mall. Every nationality of food one could think of is there: Malaysian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, French, Turkish and other Middle Eastern, Italian, and so much more. I saw a Chinese buffet that looked appealing, and it was great! I will keep going back to this food court for many of my meals. (Later, for dinner, though, I made myself some gluten-free pasta). Watched the Winter Olympics until I fell asleep.

Wednesday, February 14. I woke up feeling pretty okay, after sleeping about eight hours. It was kind of a fitful sleep— my body must still have been thinking it was on the plane, so I kept waking up but then going right back to sleep. Today would be a day of recovery for me. I only had two obligations, and I nearly forgot one of them. In the morning, Jen, who set up this training for me, took me over to the training venue, so I could check out the room. We couldn’t get into the room because a classroom of kids were in it, but we are able to see through the glass windows, and it looks like a beautiful training room. It’s in a nature center, so there are stuffed crazy-looking Australian animals and birds all over the place. Then we sat down for coffee (for her) and a natural juice drink (for me), and talked about the upcoming training. The venue is in the park I walked in yesterday, and not too far from where I live, so I left Jen and walked back to my place through the park. Then I went back to the food court, this time for a Turkish kebab wrap, which was also excellent. This time I walked through the entire mall, which is really huge and then walked back through the park to my apartment. Just the kind of chill-out day I needed. I tried to do some work and watch the Olympics at the same time. Then before I knew it, just as I was about to jump into the shower, my phone rang. Sheila, who is a friend of Richard’s from my book, Seduced by Consciousness, and whom Richard said I had to meet, was outside waiting for me. Holy cow, I had lost track of the time. So I asked her permission to allow me to take a very quick shower. She then took me for a Valentine’s Day dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, after having gotten permission from her husband to go with me on Valentine’s Day, since I was in from the States. That was really nice of both of them. Good conversation— we talked a lot about Richard—and good food. Sheila originally started working with Jen to try to get the training to be held three hours to the south down in Margaret River, where she lives on a farm, but it didn’t work out that way. Sheila showed me some pictures of when Richard visited her down there, and the place looked really beautiful. But it’s too far away for me to get down there on this trip. And because Western Australia is so far away I’m not sure I will ever be here again. I really liked Perth when I was here the first time about 20 years ago, and I’m happy to be back. At night I watched more Winter Olympics and saw Shaun White, who used to hang out in Vermont, at 31 years old, win his third gold medal on the snowboard pipe, especially after having had a horrible accident in his last competition where he had to have 60 stitches in his face. It was amazing to see him come back and have the courage to do the same impossible maneuver that he had wiped out on last time. It just goes to show you, all extraneous thought can be blocked out to just be one with the moment.

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Jack Pransky Trip Blog Australia February 11, 2018

I’m not sure why I write these TripBlogs. Maybe it’s for Marty Lipsky and the two other people who read them and enjoy them. Maybe it’s for when I’m in my late 90s and can’t travel anymore and want to reminisce. Maybe it’s because my webmaster wanted me to. Maybe I just like to write. Probably other reasons. But for some strange reason I feel compelled, since I began the tradition with my big European Tour of 2014. It’s amazing how much has changed in the Three Principles world since then.

Sunday, February 11, 2018.

I had planned to leave on this long journey to Australia from Richmond, Virginia, because I was living in Charlottesville in a relationship with a most wonderful woman. But life threw a curveball and I found myself back in Boca Raton, Florida. The problem was my plane still left from Richmond. I figured it would cost me a couple hundred to change the ticket to leave from Florida. Turned out to be over $1000! Okay, couldn’t do that. Didn’t want to drive the two days to get back there. So I had to get another (sort of) round-trip ticket through Philadelphia to Richmond, before I could even start my journey. My first dilemma came in deciding how I would get to the Fort Lauderdale airport. I didn’t want to leave my car at the airport or the train station for a month, I couldn’t get a ride with a friend or neighbor, taxis and limos were too expensive, so I thought I’d try Lyft. I had used Uber a couple of years ago, but I’ve heard bad things about the company. So I downloaded the Lyft app (technology is always a challenge for me but this was reasonably easy) and had to trust that some Lyft driver would be near my vicinity at 4:30 AM and actually show up! Sure enough, the Lyft driver came right on time. Nice guy, too. Through our conversation, I think I made a book sale out of it. The only two issues were his cologne was overpowering and he dropped me off at Terminal 1 when I apparently needed to be dropped at Terminal 3. So I walked it; luckily the FLL airport is not that big, and I figured I could use the walk because I’ll be sitting on a plane for days. TSA Prescreening was great with my Global Entry Pass. That was certainly money worth spending, especially upon return to the USA. And so my new journey begins.

I had been wanting to get back to Australia ever since doing a training in Perth, Western Australia almost 20 years ago, pretty early in my Three Principles career. I really liked it there. So on this trip, besides going back to Perth, I’m heading into new territory for me: Melbourne and Sydney, Eastern Australia. That’s why I say, “Join the Three Principles, See The World.” I am very lucky.

This time, though, I am leaving with a feeling of emptiness in my heart. Those who read Seduced by Consciousness know relationships have been a big blind spot for me, in that I tend to forget all about the Three Principles in that important aspect of my life. And this last one has been both wonderful and a tremendous growth experience, but now I feel the need to seek a deeper connection to and relationship with Universal Mind/Spirit/God. As I head to Australia I am pointing myself in that direction, I am in prayer, I know I need to get into a meditative state, I seek what I AM so I really know there is no seeking. There is only realizing. I know I need to turn more away from form and turn toward the light. I am afraid. Form is what I know. But so what if I’m afraid?

Speaking of form, coming into Philly the weather was pretty bad, and at one point we hit a big air pocket that made the plane take such a fast dip that a number of people’s books and other assorted items flew right out of their hands. Whoa! Suddenly my heart felt like it was beating right up in my mouth. But I’m ready to die if I need to. I’ve had a pretty long, great, fulfilling life. I don’t fear death. I do fear pain, though (future thinking, of course!). In the Philadelphia airport, which is big, I landed in Terminal B and had to get to Terminal F for my flight out of Richmond to Dallas. I decided to pass on the shuttle and took the long walk again, my heavy backpack the only drawback. On the plane out of Philly, we sat on the runway for an extra hour to wait for thunderstorms to pass.

That delay caused me to barely make my Dallas flight. Because my plane tickets were booked separately, I had to get my bag and go through customs again, then check my bag in again. These TSA agents completely ignored that I had a Global Entry Pass and must have thought I was a potential terrorist. They took me into a back room and did a lot more than pat me down. I’m pretty sure they discovered I am a boy, not a girl, and that I had nothing hidden in any crevices. I hope they had fun.

Then in Dallas I had to go through customs once again because of the international flight, and it was on to Sydney.

Monday, February 12. What happened to this day? I lost it somewhere. That’s what happens when you fly from the States to Australia; you lose a day. I think I lost it somewhere in the middle of the night. I sat in an outside seat in the middle of the plane, there were two empty seats next to me, then another guy on the other end. I got all excited that I had some room. But trying to curl up across just two seats isn’t very comfortable. Then I felt feet touching my head, as he tried to do the same. So I got up and went to the bathroom, and when I came back he was sound asleep across the three seats! The nerve! I hardly got a wink of sleep on thus hugely long flight. The next morning I saw that his t-shirt read: “I run the world.” His attitude suddenly made sense. It was a Nike shirt.

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What the “Mental Game” Requires

Here’s what the mental game doesn’t require:

A.  Personal responsibility
B.  Effort
C.  Searching
D.  Memorize
E.  Practice
F.  Repetition
G.  Strategy
H.  Mindfulness
I.   Coping

Here’s what the mental game does require:

A.  Nothing

Fact is, the only way to reinforce the plethora of so-called psychological issues that give rise to the need for mental coaching or counseling in the first place is to foucus on A through I above.

In other words, doing anything for the purpose of finding peace of mind is the surest route to obstructing it. Why? Because the human experience is meant to flow from insecurity/unrest to confidence/tranquility and round again. Trying to fix what can’t be broken—one’s psychological functioning—is an impossible and debilitating quest.

This past weekend, for example, a player who had fallen under the spell of the above misunderstanding visited my New Jersey office. He’d employed several sports psychologists during his career and read scores of books on the subject. Thus, he was convinced that he needed to spend as much time on the mental side of the game as the physical side; he was sure that the more learned mental tools he had at his disposal, the better. Plus, even though he felt more and more insecure as he tried and tried to perfect his mental game, he was certain that this was just part of the resilience-building process, so he kept trying, to the point of exhaustion.

Goodness gracious.

My role, on the contrary, was simply to remind him that he was fighting, or working against, the normal flow of the human experience. And as a result, he was not only holding the feeling of insecurity in place, he was stonewalling insight and the inner wisdom (answers/growth) it naturally brings. I explained that all feelings are normal. That all experience is transient. That resilience is innate. Most important, I reminded him that his propensity to love, serve, care, excel, and remain utterly whole is unwavering.

Remember: Insecurity/unrest perpetuates itself by trying to get rid of itself. Insight, however, is effortless. That’s the reason the mental game requires nothing or no doing whatsoever. But you knew that already, I promise.

Inward and up,

Where Leaders Go Wrong

As everyone can relate, the human experience vacillates between looking inside and looking outside; between harmony and discord; between clarity and clutter; between positivity and judgment; between confidence and insecurity; between yin and yang. And, as we’ve discussed the last few weeks, this vacillation can also be described as moving from the true Self (the realization of ONE shared being) to the separate self (the transient experience of being a personal entity or ego), then back again and again.

This week, I’m going to stay on topic and appeal to coaches, teachers, counselors, psychologists, parents, employers, preachers, friends, and politicians—the charismatic leaders among you. For you leaders, I’m going to reveal just how essential it is to understand that this vacillation between true Self and separate self is both normal and can never be manually overridden.

Let’s start with the separate self or ego. By definition, it:

A. Feels separate or alone.
B. Feels the need to fix this sense of separation.

That is, the separate self constantly feels the need to ease its sense of separateness in a quest to feel secure. So, when it comes to leaders, the separate self wants to offer strategies, techniques, orders, rules, punishment, personal opinions, and even indoctrinate others as it tries to scratch and claw its way back to the wholeness of the true Self. But this cannot work, and only fortifies the separate self, since, again, the true Self cannot be found manually or on purpose.

And that is where leaders often go wrong.

Because they don’t understand that the vacillation described above is normal (don’t understand the human experience), they fall for the temptation to fix what’s not broken—to the extreme detriment of those under their purview or care. In fact, every dictator in the history of human beings has succumbed to the lure of the separate self or ego. They’ve desperately tried to fix others in order to fix, or feel secure, themselves.

On the other hand, here’s what happens when leaders understand the transient nature of the human experience and, thus, don’t succumb to the lure of the separate self or ego when it appears:

A. The true Self fluently takes its place.
B. From the perspective of the true Self (one being), no personal entities exist who could be offered strategies, techniques, orders, rules, punishment, or personal opinions; there’s no one TO indoctrinate.

And what remains? Simply LOVE. And love, without effort, knows exactly how to lead.

Thank you for reading,

Jack’s Three Principles Travel Blog Saturday, January 14 & 15, 2018

Sunday, January 14. Day three of the training, and it turned out to be a fairly difficult one. I haven’t had a difficult training day for a few years, so this took me by surprise. At least among some of the trainees, the feeling dropped twice today. I think it’s because I haven’t really had a mixed group in a long time where a good portion of the trainees were complete beginners with the Principles, while others had a pretty good understanding, and because of the title of the training retreat I started going in a more advanced direction and the beginners got lost. Tomorrow I’ve got to pick up the pieces. It’s not that it was bad; it’s just that it didn’t go great, and I’m used to it going great. I’ve got to create a good day tomorrow.  At least this afternoon was very special. We took the open-ended truck taxi to an ancient volcano crater that had filled with the saltiest of water. We took a dip and it was impossible to sink, much like the Dead Sea or the Great Salt Lake. We heard about the healing properties of the salt water there, especially the mud, so Karen, who is a local in our group, and Charlie and I strolled around until we could locate some wet black mud, of which there was extremely little, and spread it over our almost entire bodies. Before spreading the mud we also found some soft wet salt that we also spread upon us. I then walked to the back of the crater, where it was very beautiful, and took some pictures of Dany (I found out that’s really how he spells it) in his favorite place to meditate. I didn’t disturb him. I must’ve looked quite the sight coming up from the mud bath because everyone laughed at me. I took an outdoor shower before leaving there, but had to leave my bathing suit on because the woman who had to turn on the water with a wrench just stood there while I was taking the shower. It was also fairly cold water. They charge for that shower, too!  My skin is very soft right now. By the time we got back I didn’t even have time to get to my hotel before we had to start the session, and my planning notes were in my hotel with my warm clothes. I thought the evening session started off well, but then it seemed to fizzle. Tomorrow is another day.

Monday, January 15. Last day of training retreat. Well, I must say, we had an excellent recovery. I began the day differently than I would normally, with a combination check-in about what they’ve gotten out of the training for themselves so far and what would they like to cover today before we leave. I was astounded that this instruction essentially turned into a closing circle, with the feeling extremely high, except we weren’t closing. It definitely recovered the feeling from the day before. For the rest of the day the group wanted to explore the ego and how it gave the illusion of taking us away from our true essence, so that is what we did. Then we took the afternoon off again, so Damian, Donna and I headed for the beach. The wind blew a lot harder today, sometimes sand-blasting us on the beach; I actually put in my earplugs so the sand wouldn’t blow into my ears. The water was rougher, the waves bigger, so I didn’t attempt a swim. But I did go to the part of the beach best for body-surfing and took in a bunch of waves. Some were a bit scary. I caught a big one just as it broke that literally spun me around in a somersault—just about pushed my limit; okay, maybe I’d had enough. But it was really fun. Then we found some shelter behind a boat and I lay on the beach in the warm sun reading, which is one of my favorite activities. Then we went back to close out the training and ended on a high note. Turned out to be a really good training, judging by what everyone said. It was Charlie’s birthday so we all went out to celebrate at an Italian restaurant. I had checked out of my hotel in the morning so I’d brought my bags to Dany’s place, as my plane was departing at 1:45 AM! Dany had a cab waiting at his place at 11 PM to take me to the airport, but the dinner took so long and I wasn’t paying attention to the time, and all of a sudden it realized it was 10 minutes to 11. Luckily, Karen had her car (being local) and drove me back to Dany’s. Having never heard about the Three Principles before, Karen really caught something big, and I think she has natural talent. Howard graciously accompanied me to the airport. And now the Principles have been introduced to the Cape Verde Islands. Great trip. Sal Island really grew on me, especially with my first thoughts of, “What kind of a place is this?!” It definitely took some getting used to. It certainly has a relaxed charm to it that gets under your skin. It’s motto is “No stress.” I get it. But now the plane ride back home begins… Unfortunately, I couldn’t keep up with my daily tripblog postings because the internet connection was so bad and I could only get on line sometimes.

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