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A Second Look at Why Behavior Modification Doesn’t Work

I received many questions regarding this week’s article, http://garretkramer.com/why-managing-the-behavior-of-others-doesnt-work/, so here’s a video to help answer them. If you’re still uncertain about the direction I’m pointing here, no problem, you know where to find me.


How People Change: The difference between our approach and the wildly popular cognitive-type approaches

We are re-posting this blog as it has been a very popular topic. At Pransky and Associates we talk about a set of principles that help people to make sense of what’s happening in their own minds. Although we do … Continue reading

Why Managing the Behavior of Others Doesn’t Work

It’s interesting. Lately, I’ve been speaking a lot about the necessity for coaches to not try to manage the behavior of their players (and the implications here are the same for teachers, counselors, therapists, and parents). As a result, I’ve heard many “Yea buts” in emails, messages, and conversations with coaches. Such as: “I get it, Garret, but my players are almost always late for team meetings, workouts, and practices. It’s so frustrating. Don’t I have to manage this behavior through discipline and punishment?”

Here’s why the answer is no: It’s the coach’s state of mind, and the example that he sets as a result, that’s preventing his message (in this case, the importance of punctuality) from reaching the players. So any attempt to modify the players’ behavior is looking in the wrong direction—outside—and simply won’t work.

Don’t forget, the experience of human beings evolves 100 percent from inside to out. No matter the behavior of those you coach, teach, counsel, or parent, the first step to helping others is to understand that your perceptions of others (and your ability to reach them) is caused by your own state of mind in the moment. In other words, coaches who know that their moods are not caused by anything on the outside, and thus don’t try to fix their moods by managing their players’ behavior, are the most influential coaches in the world today.

Falling Back Into Peace of Mind – Bryan Ryan

Our bodies are amazing, made up of 50 trillion cells, each cell like a miniature human being, with all the functions of a human being.

We really are a colony of intelligent cells, all working together in perfect harmony, the perfect model for how a society can live in peace and co-operation.

The body works perfectly, and every cell knows exactly what to do. 

Each cell is affected, moment to moment, by the environment, which is the blood, and the blood is affected, moment by moment, by the chemicals within it, which are created, by the wonderful, creative, movie making capability, which is our thinking.

Our thoughts, which we make up, are marinating our bodies in chemicals, which create our feelings and emotions.

Our emotions and feelings are giving us perfect, moment to moment feedback, about the quality of the movie that we are making up, like a temperature gauge tells us how hot, or how cold it is.

So, we are having a direct effect on our cells, the very fabric of our bodies, by the thoughts that we entertain in our minds.

Like a balance sheet there really are only two moods that we as human beings fluctuate to and from, negative feelings caused by negative thinking, or positive feelings caused by positive thinking.

The free will, which we all have, allows us to choose our thoughts, and is the rudder that we have for our ship that enables us to navigate our journey with more elegance, and spend more time feeling well, confident and secure.

There is a natural intelligent system, before thought, that is running the system perfectly, and is hindered and contaminated by any negative thinking that we allow ourselves to ruminate on.   

 When we let our thinking soften, not take it so seriously (after all we make it all up), and let the system run itself, it does, and we can go along for the ride.

Thinking needs to be done, but not all the time, in fact the more that we allow ourselves to go with the flow, and fall back into the ocean of oneness that is the real us, the more that we have a nicer life.

A clear mind uncontaminated by thinking is our default, natural place to be, and the very essence and source of who and what we all are. 

This is where our true home is, where we feel confident and secure, and aligned with which we are all a part of, universal mind, fueling and running the whole show. 

This is where peace of mind and contentment hang out, on the inside, our true nature, an oasis of peace and security that never goes away, and can’t be broken.

Why it’s Harmful to Mistake Psychological Effects for Causes

This week, let’s get to the heart of why trying to be confident, forcing yourself to work hard, attempting to make good choices, or “doing” positive isn’t working for you or those you mentor. Any questions or comments, I’d love to hear from you.